New professions: here is the “Remote Head of Labor”
New professions: here is the “Remote Head of Labor”
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New professions always followed each evolution. After the wave of digital jobs, today we are talking about a figure who is joining companies following the sharp increase in smart working: the Remote Head of Work.

It is not easy to find this figure, especially because it is an absolute novelty, yet some realities are starting to foresee it to better organize the management of agile work.

Here we are ready to clarify who is the “remote head of work”, what are his duties and skills.

Who is the remote head of the job

What is now beginning to be a common practice in the world of work in Italy – the so-called smart working – is a reality that has long been established in several countries.

Precisely for this reason, overseas the figure of the Head of Remote Work is a fundamental piece in the company organization, especially in those realities that have to manage remote workers scattered in geographic areas very far from each other.

“Here is the new invention in the Covid era” you will think. Instead, you are wrong. As we have said, in our country the need is felt now (at a time when working from home has become fundamental and sometimes uncontrollable for many companies) but in many other parts of the world, this figure has become part of a much more rooted.

The remote head of work, in fact, has the main task of guiding the company towards a stable working method, repeatable over time, available to workers who ask for more and more flexibility.

That’s right. Today, in the United States as much as here in Italy, the possibility of working remotely is not a simple alternative. Those looking for a new position, but also the workers themselves, increasingly demand that this new modality be not simply allowed, but above all supported. A radical change that companies are beginning to perceive and to which the world of work is already finding an answer.

What are the duties of a remote head of labor?

“Fluid figure”, “strategic thinker”, “relationship builder”, “change agent”. Whichever way it is defined, the Remote Head of Labor has broad but well-defined roles. Although – we are sure – there is still a long way to go to define exactly the tasks of this new figure, we can identify at least 4 macro-areas in which it intervenes.

  • Technological field.
    The starting point of smart working, whether you like it or not, inevitably concerns technology. We are not just talking about the internet, computers, and terminals, but above all about digital infrastructures that allow the proper performance of all tasks even away from the office. An office just a click away, we could say. Here, the main task of the Remote Head of Work is precisely to create or strengthen the IT structure, to help companies build an easy remote working system, and provide assistance to employees who work from home.
  • Strategic scope.
    It is not just about technical skills related to technology: whoever approaches this new profession must also have a strong strategic attitude. The path to a fluid, uncomplicated remote work is really long: you, therefore, need to be able to rely on a far-sighted person, able to grasp the best way to reach the goal. In other words, integrating this new method into company dynamics, making it advantageous for management as well as for employees, exploiting it to transform it into a competitive plus, both for commercial proposals and for the labor market.
  • Production area.
    What does the remote head of work, an intellectual profession, have to do with production? Think about it: its purpose is to facilitate the activities of those who do not show up every day at the office and, consequently, also improve the productivity of these people. This is why this new figure also has to do with the production area in the company. If the introduction of this working method has put many companies in difficulty with regards to the control and effective productivity of its employees remotely, the Head of Remote Work is the intermediary who will take care of managing smart working in the best possible way inside and outside the company headquarters.
  • Organizational scope.
    Coordinating large numbers of people who work remotely, without real contact with colleagues, and with personal needs to be protected is not at all easy. Also, organize meetings, collective appointments with customers, or events, becomes a business when no figure takes care of keeping in touch with those who work from afar. The remote head of work, therefore, assumes a fundamental organizational role in companies that adopt smart working, intending to make these dynamics increasingly simple and effective, both for those who are at the headquarters and for those who work from home.

Remote Head of Labor Skills

As you will have understood, we are not talking about a junior profile, but a highly professional figure who requires maturity, flexibility, and knowledge of the sector. However, being a very young job, practically just born in our country, the experience is collected in the field and the transversal skills make the difference.

How do you aspire to the position of Remote Head of Labor, then? There are some attitudes and experiences that can count for a lot:

  • Inclination towards technology. Whether you have training like this or just a passion for these themes, make it stand out in your presentation. Be prepared on the best tools for organizing smart working, look for innovative solutions, study corporate IT infrastructures;
  • Experiences of organization of working groups. No one is pretending that you are a complete and already trained Remote Head of Work, especially since there are no rules that define this profession yet. So take advantage of the “youth” of this new role and treasure all the occasions in which you have shown that you can organize a workgroup effectively, even better if at a distance;
  • Personal arrangements. Being a Remote Head of Work even before this profession takes shape is impossible, so don’t be afraid to put your passions and hobbies on the table to describe what can make you fit for this role. Remember that often what you do in your free time represents you even more than what you do 8 hours a day.

Today you have discovered a new profession, but many opportunities can present themselves in the world of work. If you are considering a new work experience, check out the announcements on our site here or upload your CV to keep up to date with the latest news.

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