Work with us: what companies don’t say
Work with us: what companies don’t say

Work with us: what companies don’t say

While you’re looking for some interesting job postings, insistent promotional messages appear about the products the company sells. Yes, that’s exactly what you’re thinking: some companies use their Work with our area to advertise at no cost.

In this case, the job advertisement is just a commercial lure and you fell for it.

Too many applications.

Often the platforms that manage the “Work with us” area are software applications managed by third parties that take care of acquiring all applications on behalf of the company looking for new employees.

Unfortunately, in this period, the number of people looking for a job is enormous, so these platforms receive hundreds of applications every day, often beyond the limits set by the contract. However, the application does not stop accepting applications but simply does not forward them to the company.

In this case, your application never made it to its destination.

They are blending in.

The company is in a moment of extreme difficulty but does not want to let people know that it is in this condition. What do you do then? Post job advertisements in your “Work with us” area. Who could ever say that a company looking for staff is in trouble?

You trusted the announcement and answered, but unfortunately your application is archived without even being evaluated.

How to overcome the problem.

These cases are rare, only a small fraction of companies take advantage of this way of promoting themselves. However, stumbling upon us can put you in the wrong position to think that your profile is not interesting, that there are no job opportunities, or that the system in which companies directly look for collaborators does not work.

It is absolutely not true so you need to check it out.

After submitting your application in the “Work with us” area through the procedure provided, you must continue your action. Identify the personnel officer, managers, or executives who you think may have the power of convenience to accept your proposal and raise.

In this case, you must absolutely avoid using the standard Curriculum Vitae as it is a format that is often not understood or accepted by those who do not specialize in its analysis such as Selection Companies.

Send a collaboration proposal using a professional method where you highlight the problem that you can solve for the company or the person you are addressing. The effect will be far more powerful than any application you have forwarded to the Work with our area.

After a few days, proceed to the telephone contact in a courteous but firm way to check if there is actually a vacant job position and ask to be invited to the job interview.

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