The supply contract with guaranteed hours (MOG)
The supply contract with guaranteed hours (MOG)
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You are putting yourself on the line in the world of work, but you realize that whoever speaks to you seems to be using another language. Fixed-term contract, in administration, of apprenticeship, indefinite with increasing protections, of administration with guaranteed hours.

We know, getting around in this area isn’t always easy. Every day we deal with many workers looking for a job and we help them to evaluate the best job offers.

Knowing the characteristics of the proposed contracts is undoubtedly the first step towards a conscious choice: in this article, therefore, we are ready to clarify what and what are the advantages of the supply contract with guaranteed hours.

What is the OMM

The Administration Contract with Guaranteed Monte Ore – also summarized in the acronym MOG – is a fixed-term contract, with a minimum duration of 3 months and can be extended without limits.

It is not a suitable contract for all sectors, but it is the perfect answer for many companies that are bound to seasonality. We are talking about hotel activities, catering, companies engaged in tourism, logistics, and transport. Thanks to its flexible nature, it allows:

  • to companies, to have on-call labor at their disposal;
  • to workers, to be protected like a traditional contract.

The regulation of this contractual form was established in 2019 through Article 51 of the CCNL of the Employment Agencies. These intermediaries are in fact the easiest and fastest way to activate a contract with guaranteed hours.

The characteristics of the contract with guaranteed hours

This contract is one of the most complex because it aims to protect all parties involved. Knowing more about its characteristics, however, everything becomes clearer.

What you need to know about the supply contract with guaranteed hours is:

  • the worker is awarded a guaranteed minimum wage of 25% concerning┬áthe corresponding full time;
  • the minimum contract is 3 months, but in the hotel sector, personal services, catering and tourism it is possible to activate contracts starting from 1 month of duration, with a minimum wage of 30% ;
  • the employee’s call is bound to a set time at the time of signing the contract (morning, post-afternoon, evening);
  • this contract entitles you to holiday accrual, like another contract in the same sector;
  • administration work with guaranteed hours accrues a severance pay, which is paid to the worker at the end of the relationship;
  • guaranteed weekly rest ;
  • even in the event of illness, the worker is protected by the guaranteed minimum wage.

What are the benefits for the worker?

If you are looking for employment in a predominantly seasonal industry, or you have the option of being flexible, this contract can give you several advantages.

First, protects you. For on-call jobs, it is often difficult to identify a contractual arrangement that brings both you as a worker and the employer to an agreement. The administration contract with guaranteed hours is a formula that allows you to have economic security calculated in proportion to the other colleagues: a solution therefore fair and safe.

Speaking of salary, then, you must know that 25% is the minimum guaranteed by law, but depending on the sector and your employer you may be recognized a higher minimum percentage at the moment signing the contract. Even if your contract has a minimum duration of 1 month (a very short duration), you are protected: for a guaranteed shorter duration of the contract, the minimum wage starts at 30% on full-time wages.

The protections don’t end there. Although the contract requires a lot of flexibility, as a worker you are required to respect only the agreed times. This means that if you are asked to change your hours, the request must arrive at least a week in advance. If not, you will receive a 10% increase in your salary until you return at the agreed time. However, so that this dynamic does not become a habit, by law it is possible to request changes only four times, after which the 10% increase will become stable.

What are the benefits for companies?

The supply contract with guaranteed hours is a very strategic tool also for commercial and service activities.

Try to imagine a company that has peaks in productivity or sudden drops in work depending on the season or customer requests. If he hires too many workers then he may find it difficult to pay their salaries, if instead, he has limited manpower at certain times of the year, he can still find himself in serious difficulty. It is therefore easy to understand how the solution with guaranteed hours can also be a good compromise for companies.

There are four main advantages that a company has in hiring a fixed-term contract with MOG:

  • reduced costs for seasonal workers, as they can request their presence only when necessary;
  • strong elasticity and adaptability according to the sector of belonging;
  • flexible management of workers;
  • economic protection also for the employer: in case of refusal to call by the worker, the company is not required to pay the minimum wage.
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