Too qualified: 3 hidden meanings and how to overcome them
Too qualified: 3 hidden meanings and how to overcome them

You think that the company is not enough for your talent

Imagine the situation of a recruiter from a small or little-known company. Search by word of mouth or post a job posting. A person who has worked for years in a much larger and better-known company introduces himself, perhaps the absolute leader in his sector. What does it do?

At first, he gets a thrill of pleasure at the thought of having a person with a consolidated talent, but in reality, shortly after he gets scared of this situation. He thinks he cannot afford this person, thinks he is too qualified, and discards him.

It probably happened to you too. You appear too much for the company and the reaction is to discard you.

  • He’s afraid he’ll lose you soon

A person with skills and experience is much more likely to find another job. Talented people are and will always be in demand.

Hiring an employee, hiring them, and bringing them to their full potential costs time and money. No recruiter would take the responsibility of choosing someone who quits quickly because he has found better. The risk is too high in this case.

If you are a very competent candidate in your profession, the recruiter may label you “too qualified” and reject you because he fears you will quit the job after a short time.

If you change jobs often, you may immediately find yourself labeled as too qualified. By examining your previous jobs, the recruiter will get the idea that you usually change, so he will reject you without thinking too much.

How to avoid being rejected because “too qualified”.

Finding Qualified Workers Remains A Struggle

You can’t change who you are. You can’t even erase part of your working past.

What you can do instead is change the way you communicate. Simply talking about yourself, your knowledge and your skills lead you to be rejected because you are considered too qualified. It will happen every time.

Talk about what your training and experience can bring. Make it clear that why you want to work in that specific company is truly meaningful to you.

Describe how the experience helped you in your professional life mission. Then explain how the company and your role will help you complete it in a meaningful way.

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