Work: Thinking badly makes you sin, but often you get it right

Work: Thinking badly makes you sin, but often you get it right

You discover that the big multinationals that bought the companies that made our country great are firing people as if it were a burden to get rid of without too much fuss. The same people who wrote history, the real one, but who now have no future. You should be prepared for the fact that anyone can lose their job, no matter what position they hold. No matter how good your CV is, the best job resume examples you used for will not save you.

All people who believed in the company until the last. Yes, some Curriculum Vitae had been sent around (you never know) but without using a professional method. After all, no one had warned them that the world of job hunting had changed.

Now you know. The majority of people who lose their jobs did not understand how close this danger was. No one had warned them. They reacted in amazement to the news of something that would nullify their hopes for the future.

After months, even years, they still can’t give themselves a reason why a company that produces profits suddenly decides to cancel their future, without a real reason or an external cause to justify this terrible act. Those who have worked with commitment and dedication to the last.

Then you understand that it is extremely dangerous to be positive, pretend that things will improve on their own, and postpone the activity of preparing for a job search.

You see large multinational companies and small Italian companies starting to behave in the same way. As they change their plans for the future, they shed the unnecessary burden. You don’t even need the excuse of the crisis to do it anymore.

But maybe you’re exaggerating, maybe it’s not that bad. You then join LinkedIn and look at what happened to the people you know or those you have a common connection with. Were they able to find another job?

You don’t like the answer.

Did you know that millions of people are unemployed but one thing to read numbers and another to see the faces of those who have been struck by the bolt from the blue of unemployment and find no way to remedy it? People in professions similar to yours, people close to you.

You like the company you are in, or at least, you like it. But you begin to live in worry of losing your job. You redouble your efforts to be better, to take away from you this event that could mark your future and that of your family.

You increase your availability after hours and not because they asked you to. You intercept every little sign of difficulty in your business and make it a reason to be irritated even when you return home to your family. anxiety wears you down even if you hide it behind your commitment.

You are not yet looking for a job with the utmost dedication but still, send your CV standard around. Ask someone you know for a recommendation, read job advertisements, go to some specialized agency.

Result: zero. A few promises, some rare interviews but nothing.

Not only does this not help you, but it also increases your concern. What will happen the day you really lose your job and you have the urge to find another one without having a professional method to do it?

It’s not enough to be cautious and rely on chance, you have to use a method.

Take advantage of the moment when you still have a job and guarantee you the peace of mind to calmly prepare everything you might need when it happens to you or a family member or a person close to you. Use those successful businesses, those congratulations you deserve and learn how to communicate them to your potential new employer when you need them.

And if the crisis is truly over and your work is okay, will it have been a wasted effort? Absolutely not.

The communication techniques of the Direct Interview Method will help you to make a career, resolve internal conflicts and, in general, face your work activity with greater tranquility and effectiveness.

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