Find Jobs: Top 4 Free Resources

“Finding a job” is now your constant thought.

Have you tried to send Curriculum Vitae everywhere, respond to job advertisements, network with LinkedIn, or through friends and acquaintances. Nothing to do.

Finding a job is now too complex an undertaking. Understand that you need help.

Practical and maybe even psychological help since it’s time to look for it and it starts to weigh on you. You then resign yourself to spending a fortune to entrust yourself to some professionals in the activities necessary to find work.

Wait! There are 4 free alternatives!

These – in my opinion – are the 5 best free resources for your “find work” activity that I have known and verified during my workshops, seminars, or speeches. Good people, professional people.

Over 40 Work Association

Among other activities, it organizes free training and retraining courses to find work. The service is aimed at the over 40 unemployed but I believe those who still have work can also participate. Giuseppe Zaffarano is the president and the organizational engine. An extraordinary figure.

I know the association as I sometimes hold workshops in the Milan office.

As an Over 40 Work Association we would like to thank David Buonaventura for the interesting evening on the theme “How to get to a job interview?”. David’s exposition was very lucid, intriguing, and effective, capturing the interest of the participants and providing them with new ideas to face the search for a job reintegration, trying to overcome the obstacles of discrimination and resistance of recruiters compared to stereotypes by now crystallized.

The average level of the other trainers is high and the topics covered are different. Absolutely recommended, especially if you are unemployed and part of that group where people are often discriminated against for age.

Job fair I WORK

Going to this fair to queue for hours to deliver your Curriculum Vitae to the various stands doesn’t make any sense to me but attending the free workshops to find work is worth it. I held two and got a glimpse of those of the other speakers.

In my opinion, the material exhibited was valid, immediate, and well structured in content and images, making the mental acquisition of concepts easy. The communicative style equally extremely effective, clear and concrete, never predictable in content, and rich in practical examples. Based on what I personally saw in that brief meeting, I feel I can confirm, in addition to his communication skills, his professionalism. It is time well spent.

The level of interventions was very high. Absolutely recommended.


You may not know it but the state invests a lot of money to qualify those who do not have the job through AFOL, special investee companies. Here your “find work” you have in mind could be satisfied. I held a short training workshop at a Lombard AFOL aimed at those who teach others to find work. Many of the participants, professional trainers, filled up notebooks with notes on the new techniques I presented and in the following days some of them signed up for my newsletter.

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