Medical students

Students in the final (clinical) years of their MBBS may be able to get funding from the NHS.

There are two types of bursaries:

  1. an award providing full tuition fee support and a means-tested bursary
  2. a tuition fees only bursary

NHS funding is programme and fee status dependent, please see our Funding for English-domiciled students webpage for further information.


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How do I apply

If you are offered a place on an NHS-funded medicine course, NHS Student Bursaries (or the relevant awarding body) will contact you to let you know how to apply.

You still need to apply to the funding authority for your region for additional government funded support that you may need during these years e.g. Maintenance Loan. The NHS funding you receive will affect the amount of government funding you receive for these years.

You may be eligible to have your tuition fees paid by the NHS even if you are not eligible for any support towards maintenance. Therefore, if you wish the NHS to pay your tuition fees you are still required to apply to the NHS, even if you do not believe you will not be eligible for a maintenance bursary.

What could I be entitled to?

he NHS Business Services Authority produces a detailed guide to what support is available:

Please bear in mind that eligibility for and the source of your bursary is dependent on where you are living. Use the links below to find out more information:

When to apply

New Students
Date you can apply fromDeadline dateNHS course start date
 06 March 2017  28 Apr 2017  June 2017
   26 May 2017  July 2017
   30 June 2017  August 2017
   28 July 2017  Sep 2017 
   25 August 2017  Oct 2017
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Continuing students
Date you can apply fromDeadline dateNHS course start date
 14 March 2017  28 Apr 2017  June 2017
 11 April 2017  26 May 2017  July 2017
 9 May 2017  30 June 2017  August 2017
 13 June 2017  28 July 2017  Sep 2017 
 11 July 2017  25 August 2017  Oct 2017
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Find out more

Enquiries about NHS bursaries

For enquiries about the NHS bursaries, contact us.

For enquiries regarding the tuition fees element of a full bursary or any enquiries relating to a fees only bursary, contact the Tuition Fees team directly.

Further information is also available via:

Independent general advice and guidance specifically tailored for medical students is available from Money 4 Med Students.

NHS BSA contacts (students living in England and EU students only)

The NHS BSA has a number of dedicated webpages for specific enquiries for English-domiciled students and, where applicable, EU students:

  • Childcare allowance (CCA): details are available via the NHS Student Bursaries webpage.
  • Disabled students' allowance (DSA): information is available via the NHS Student Bursaries webpage.
  • Complaints and appeals:

Students living in Scotland or Northern Ireland

For information on bursaries and support for Scottish and Northern Irish domiciled students please contact your relevant funding body: