Prospective Undergraduate Students

Applying For Accommodation

How do I apply for accommodation?

Once you have firmly accepted an academic offer from the College, you will receive an email from May 2018 onwards, with instructions of our online procedure. Visit the How to Apply page for more information about accommodation application process. If you have a medical condition or welbeing issue that will affect your accommodation, please complete the relevant section of the application form.

If you have been in college accommodation for more than a month during your first academic year at the college, you are not eligible for guaranteed accommodation in halls. You will be sent an invitation to apply, with the insurance students, from 1st August onwards.




When should I complete my application form?

Once you have received the email inviting you to apply, you will have until 26 July to complete your accommodation application.

Visit the How to Apply page for more information about accommodation application process.

I have changed my details - can you amend them on the system?

Unfortunately we cannot change any details that you have provided to UCAS. If you have changed your email address or home address from the one that is on your UCAS application, then you must notify them and the department you are joining about the changes. If you have been using a school email address we strongly reccommend that you change this to a personal email address now.

Can I change my option once I've submitted my form before the deadline?

Unfortunately once the form is submitted, you cannot make any changes to it. This is why we always advise you to ensure you are happy with your preferences before submitting the application.

Can I change my room preference if my financial situation changes once I've submitted my form?

Unfortunately once the form is submitted, you cannot make any changes to it. However dependent on avaliability we could offer a twin room which tend to be in the cheapest rent band.

Will you acknowledge receipt of my form?

Yes, an email acknowledging receipt of your application form will be sent to you.

Can I visit the halls of residence?

Yes, you can visit our halls of residence during official College Open Days only. Unfortunately you will not be able to visit our residences outside of official Open Days, however you can view 360 degree tours of all our accommodation from the halls of residences webpages.

Details on the College's Open Days are available at the Visit Imperial pages.

Will my hobbies, interests and sports activities be taken into account when allocating me to a room, including a twin room?

The hobbies section of the application form is used by the wardens to plan social activities in the hall. It is not used to match two people to share a twin room.

It is also not used to allocate students to halls close to their hobby or sports activity: there is no provision to change students halls for the convenience of their hobbies – like all other students, allocations are made on the 5 preferences provided in an application. Membership to an Imperial College London Sports team does not mean that you will be moved.

If I am taller than 6 foot three inches, will you provide me with a longer bed?

Longer beds can be provided for students, as long as they contact the Student Hub at the point of application to notify us that they require a longer bed:

If I am in the process of changing my gender, or intend to during the academic year, can I still be allocated to a twin room?

The twin rooms in halls are single gender rooms. We will allocate you to a single room in your budget.

If I am a carer, should I disclose this on my application form?

The AccHub application form is primarily focused on the needs of the individual student in the hall. If the location of the hall may affect your responsibility as a carer, please email

Due to either religious reasons or diet choice, I do not wish to share accommodation with people of a specific gender or opposite dietary habits.

All of the halls are mixed gender and students are not allocated due to their gender preferences. If you have a specific dietary choice and do not want to share food or kitchen appliances with others, we recommend that you bring containers and bags with you to halls to store your food and ensure you have your own equipment to use.

Accepting Accommodation

What happens after I receive my accommodation offer?

When are rooms allocated?

The allocation procedure begins in early September and an accommodation offer will be sent to you by email. 

How do you allocate the undergraduate rooms?

Please note that whilst we guarantee accommodation, we unfortunately can not guarantee that you will get one of your five preferences.

When I receive my offer, what should I do?

The offer of accommodation will be sent to you by email. It is therefore important that you regularly check your email. Please reply to your offer immediately. If you do not reply within the deadline, your offer will be withdrawn and the room will immediately be offered to another student. All students receive one offer and one offer only.

What happens if I don't respond to my offer before the deadline?

If you don't respond to your offer by the deadline, your room will be reallocated to another student. If there is a reason why you cannot respond within this time (for example you are out of the country) then you must notify the Student Hub team straight away. Failure to do so may unfortunately result in the loss of your place in halls.

What happens if I am not happy with the accommodation I have been offered?

If you do not wish to accept the offer, please e-mail the Student Hub Team with your decision as soon as possible. This will enable us to reallocate the room. We regret that this is the only offer we can make and if you reject it, it is unlikely that we will be able to make an alternative offer.

What happens if I am offered one of my five preferences, but I never actually wanted to be allocated to that room?

Students are allocated to halls based on their five preferences; and they are asked to confirm these multiple times at the point of application. It is your responsibility to provide our office with correct information; if you do not want the room you have been offered based on the information you provided us, you are advised to decline the offer and look for accommodation elsewhere. We regret that this is the only offer we can make.

What happens if I did not want to disclose my medical information when I applied, but I want to now I have been sent an offer for a room?

Please see our policy here:  We advise students to accept their offer of accommodation in the first instance, to allow time for their evidence to be reviewed.


What happens if I am not happy with the accommodation I have been offered – change the answer to: please reject in AccHub and provide a reason for your rejection. An offer rejection cannot be made by accident and cannot be retracted at a later date.

Arrival and Moving In

When can I move into the halls of residence?

 On and after 28 September 2019, as the halls will be closed for a week prior to this date. If you wish to stay in Halls before this date, please contact and they will look at the available bookings, open to non-students.

When will I find out my room number?

You will be given your room number upon your arrival at the hall. Unfortunately we cannot give out the room number before this date.

What if I am unable to arrive at the hall during Arrivals Weekend?

Please complete the relevant information as part of your e-induction on AccHub. If at any time after this your plans change, then please call or email the warden of the hall that you are allocated to and let them know when you will be arriving.You can also telephone the Student Hub on + 44 (0)20 7594 9444 or email with subject heading "Late Arrival" with your CID number.

What do I need to bring with me when living in the hall?

Everything that is needed for independent living, such as bedding, cooking utensils, saucepans, a network cable, etc. 

If you wish, before you arrive at Imperial College London, you can purchase your essential items through UniKitOut, a company that specialises in providing competitively priced packs that are tailored to the needs of new students. You may wish to consider pre-ordering bedding, crockery, cutlery and even some essential electrical items. Imperial students receive a discount by quoting IMP18 at the checkout.

Are there any items that I cannot bring with me?

You are advised to not bring the following prohibited item with you:

Please read the section Hall Rules on page 4 in the Licence Terms & Conditions for College Accommodation 2015 - 2016 Academic Year.

Is there anywhere I can store my belongings before I move in?

Unfortunately, for security reasons, we are unable to store belongings before you arrive.

Ordering a bedding or a kitchen pack in advance is a great way of reducing the amount of stuff you bring with you and it removes all the hassle of shopping for the things you need! You will also need to bring a network cable but, if you don't bring one then you can purchase one when you arrive from the Imperial College Union shop.

Can I bring my car with me?

We advise all students not to bring a car to the London campuses as parking permits in College are only issued to students in cases of disability. Parking on London streets is strictly controlled and very expensive.

At the Silwood Park campus, there is parking for 25 student cars. Applications for permits should be made to Security Reception as soon after arrival as possible.

I have already booked my flight / train travel at the start of term and will arrive in London a few days early: can I move into halls early?

The halls do not accept any arrivals earlier than the date/s stipulated in the AccHub e-induction, which you will have access to once you accept your offer for a room in halls. Please see the accommodation timeline for information about Arrival Weekend:


When I move into halls, can my family member stay in my room with me for the first few weeks?

No, family members wishing to stay nearby, should contact and they will look at the available bookings, open to non-students.



Can I have an overnight guest stay in my room?

Please speak to your warden on site regarding your hall’s specific guest policy. Please also note that overnight guests are not allowed in twin rooms under any circumstances. 

Can I bring electrical kitchen equipment with me to halls, to use in my room?

No. Students cannot use their own electrical kitchen equipment in their room, due to fire safety regulations. All equipment should be used in the kitchen only; please refer to your AccHub E-induction which lists prohibited items. The only circumstances that a student would be allowed such an item in the room would be if they have confirmation from the college approved GP service that it is necessary for their medical condition, and the item will be provided by the college.

What happens if I decide to cancel my accommodation on the first day of the contract?

You will be required to complete a Notice to Quit form in order to formally quit your room, and you will remain responsible for the rent. Our full policy can be found here:  The cancellation charges apply only up until the first day of the contract.

Facilities and Provisions

What is provided in the room?

All study bedrooms are equipped with a bed, study desk, chair, wardrobe, shelving, desk lamp, curtains, chest of drawers, notice board, book shelf/case. If you are diabetic and require a refrigerator in your room please email with subject heading "Refrigerator", with your CID number. These are the circumstances where a fridge will be provided.

How do you determine the rates for rent?

Rents are determined by assessing numerous factors including the facilities within the room (e.g. en-suite provision), location within the hall and location of hall from campus.

What is included in the rent?

The rent includes all utility bills including, electric, water, gas and internet.

Will I need a TV licence for my room?

If you bring a TV with you, the TV licensing authority requires that you have a licence. Please visit for more information.

What fire safety measures do you have in student accommodation buildings?

All student accommodation offered by Imperial has robust fire safety measures in place.  See more information about fire safety in student accommodation.

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Prospective Postgraduate Students

Prospective Postgraduate Students (Silwood Park only)

What do I have to do to be sent an invitation for accommodation?

Once you have accepted your academic offer from Admissions, you will then be sent an invitation to apply for accommodation. Please note that it is only once you have fulfilled all of the conditions attached to your academic offer that you will be sent an accommodation offer.

Am I guaranteed accommodation at Silwood Park?

It highly likely that applicants will be offered accommodation at Silwood Park, however, we are unable to guarantee this. There is further information about private accommodation options in the Postgraduate accommodation section of the website. 

How many preferences can I list in my application for accommodation?

In May, Applicants who have firmly accepted an academic offer (regardless of whether you have a conditional offer or an unconditional offer) from the College will receive an email invite to apply for accommodation using our online system - AccHub. You can specify your preferred hall, room type and price and select 2 preferences* of accommodation.

* Please be advised that your two preferences are EQUALLY ranked, and cannot be distinguished in order of highest to lowest preference.

When will I receive an offer?

Students will receive an offer of accommodation in early September. Students will not receive an offer for a room until they have fulfilled their academic offer conditions. When you receive your accommodation offer, you'll also receive your 'Licence to Occupy' which states your hall and room type. Please note that a room number will not be included in the Licence as this will be provided on your first invoice.


Can my partner be accommodated at Silwood Park?

Silwood Park has limited accommodation suitable for couples. When applying for couple/family  accommodation at Silwood you will be asked to confirm the name and DOB of and dependant or partner. They do not have to be a student at Imperial College. If your partner or family member has a medical condtion, please state this as part of your application.

How do I get to the campus from the station?

The nearest railway stations are Sunningdale (2 km) and Ascot (3km), which are on the main line from London Waterloo to Reading. Silwood Park campus is a short taxi ride from both stations, and there are taxi services at Sunningdale and Ascot stations. The cost to Silwood should be approximately £5.00. It is a 25 minute walk.

Can I bring a car?

At the Silwood Park campus, there is parking for 25 student cars. Applications for permits should be made to Security Reception as soon after arrival as possible.

Can I bring my bike?

Ascot and the surrounding area is a great place to explore by bike and not only is cycling cheap, but it is also good for the environment! There are several bike racks available on Campus. Bike theft is very rare on campus, but we still recommend that you obtain a ‘D’ bolt type lock and bike insurance for expensive bikes.

What should I bring with me to halls?

Please don’t forget to bring your own duvet, sheets, pillows, towels and hangers. You’ll also need cutlery, plates and cooking utensils as these are not provided. If you have not lived in the UK before, it will get cold during your time here and you will need a duvet. Bedding and kitchen packs may be pre-ordered from You can get a 10% discount by entering the code IMP17 at the checkout. Any electrical equipment you bring should be safe to use in the UK and have the correct plug or be plugged into a suitable adaptor.

Is there internet access in the halls?

All rooms have hard-wired data sockets, so you will need an ethernet cable to use the College’s network. Wireless access is available in common rooms.

If I have field work as part of my course, do I still have to pay for my room when it is unoccupied?

Students who take part in field work as part of their course have the option to vary their 51 week Licences if they are required to be away from the college at any time between 1 March and 1 August 2018. Every student is required to fulfil the terms and conditions of their licence agreement in order to qualify for the variation. Please carefully read the terms of your license agreement, which will explain the procedure.

Can I arrive in halls earlier than the start of the licence period?

All students are asked to arrive on the first day of the licence period or after. You will have a couple of days to settle in before the first day of term.


If your question is not answered above and you are still experiencing any technical problems completing the online application please email stating 'Technical difficulties' in the subject line and include your CID number in the email. Alternatively you can telephone the Student Accommodation Centre on + 44 (0)20 7594 9444.

Current Students

Current Students

Can I swap rooms/halls during the year?

Once you have moved into your hall if you have any problems within the room/hall then you must in the first instance discuss them with your warden. It is only under exceptional circumstances that you will be able to swap rooms/halls.

Please note you will be required to spend at least a month within your allocated hall. If a move has been granted by your warden after this period, there is a room transfer charge of £50 (unless the change is taking place on medical or welfare grounds).

For more information about the policy and procedure, please visit the Accommodation Transfer Policy page.

I want to leave the hall what should I do?

If you wish to leave the accommodation before the end of the licence, then you must complete a notice to quit form at the Student Hub, located at Level 3 of the Sherfield Building.

For more information about the policy and procedure, please visit the Accommodation Transfer Policy page.

When do I need to start thinking about my accommodation for next year?

Only first year students are guaranteed accommodation in halls. Beyond the first year, you will need to start thinking about living in private accommodation whether with friends in a shared house or flat or other student accommodation. The Student Hub can help with advice on where, what, how and when to look - find out more on our Private Housing pages.

Are there any worship places in halls?

Imperial College London is multi-cultural and we have student groups from many different world faiths. These groups can be contacted at the Freshers Fair or through the Clubs and Societies sabbatical officer at the Union.

An up-to-date list of places of worship and advice about the whereabouts of different faith communities in London is available from the Chaplaincy Centre, as is advice about groups best avoided.

What is the policy on smoking?

Imperial College London is a smoke-free environment.  Smoking is not permitted in any part of the buildings, including bedrooms.

It is breach of College regulations if a student or their guest smokes in a College building.

Smokers are asked to smoke in a designated area outside the residences, away from windows and doorways, and to dispose of their cigarettes in the bin provided.

What is the policy on cleaning?

While in halls, you are responsible for keeping your accommodation in a clean and tidy state. Cleaning services are provided at designated times; please refer to any notices or rotas displayed in your hall / residence for cleaning provision of designated areas. Students are expected to allow staff to access to their room to complete these tasks, and can decline the service once per term only, as long as staff are notified beforehand. If your room is found to be in an unserviceable condition, you will be charged for extra cleaning.

Will I be able to keep a pet in the hall?

The only animals allowed in the hall are registered support dogs.

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