IP Wise Up

Spend your summer on a paid placement developing your enterprising idea & IP knowledge


Henrik Hagemann, Despoina Paschou, Gabriella Santosa

The CustoMem team are working on a project to create a customisable cellulose membranes to target contaminants. The core objective of their project was to make milk affordable and readily accessible to everyone.


Chao Lyu, Joon Faii Ong

The team offers a wearable, mechanical stabilisation system for individuals with hand tremors including Parkinson’s Disease and Essential Tremor.  By directly stabilising the hand, GyroGlove offers a novel approach that compliments and potentially offsets, current therapeutic treatment.


Shiqi Wang, Siyuan Wang, Tianyou Wang, Zhe Lu

The team aim to design a wearable, low-cost, non-invasive and portable device for continuous measurements of hydration levels.   This would tackle dehydration in groups prone to fluid imbalance such as athletes, infants, the elderly and diabetics.


An Overview

About IP Wise Up

IP Wise Up is a training & placement programme open to all undergraduate students within the the Faculty of Engineering, the Faculty of Medicine and the Faculty of Natural Sciences

IP Wise Up provides students with an exclusive two-week enterprise & IP course delivered by Imperial College Business School. This short course prepares students to develop their enterprising ideas over the Summer whilst on paid placements. Students will be given access to lab space, a budget and a bursary of up to £2400 to support their living costs.

Post graduates are not eligible for the training course but will be provided funding to join undergraduate teams in the lab.

What IP Wise Up provides

  • Receive up to a £2400 bursary to develop your enterprising idea over the Summer.
  • Receive up to £500 per student to develop your idea to proof-of-concept stage over 8 weeks.
  • Receive mentorship from leading enterprise experts & industrial partners on the development of your idea.
  • Opportunity to showcase idea to Imperial College partners at end of placement celebration event.