Enterprising skills that will stay with you for life

The university offers a range of opportunities for students to develop their enterprising knowledge and skills within the curriculum.

Many undergraduate and postgraduate students are able to undertake optional and compulsory modules within their courses such as Design-led Innovation and new venture creation, available to Year 4 students in the Faculty of Engineering.

A new optional course on entrepreneurship, due for launch in October 2016, will be made available to undergraduates through the university's Horizons programme.

For those who are keen to develop their knowledge and skills through postgraduate study we offer Masters courses such as those listed below. 

Faculty of Engineering

MA/MSc: Innovation Design Engineering

A cutting-edge, creative product development course that involves experimentation, design, engineering and enterprising activities. 

The degree programme has been running for over 30 years and has produced some of the world’s leading designers working in companies such as Philips, IDEO, Apple, Sony and Samsung. A significant proportion of graduates go on to set up their own enterprises on leaving the programme.

MRes: Medical Device Design and Entrepreneurship

Designed to prepare students for a career in Bioengineering whilst getting involved in and developing knowledge of the medical devices industry.

The course is run with input from Imperial College Business School and students are expected to undertake two elective courses from the MBA and MSc Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Management programmes. 

The bulk of the training takes place in year-long group projects aimed at developing an engineering developmental and startup business plan around a medical device concept.

Faculty of Medicine

MSc: Healthcare and Design

The MSc in Healthcare and Design is an interdisciplinary programme that draws on the complementary knowledge and expertise of Imperial College London and the Royal College of Art. The programme is offered part-time over two years with 8 individual weeks of intensive teaching (four blocks of two weeks). The programme runs alongside an MRes programme awarded by the Royal College of Art. The Imperial MSc programme has been designed for clinicians and healthcare professionals, while the RCA progamme is aimed at design professionals.

Faculty of Natural Sciences

MSc in Applied Biosciences and Biotechnology

The MSc in Applied Biosciences and Biotechnology aims to:

  • To equip graduates to pursue careers in bioscience and biotechnology either in industry or academic research.
  • Produce graduates with an in-depth understanding of the core principles and methodologies underlying current biotechnological research.
  • To enable students to develop the transferable qualities and skills required for employment or research in the biosciences sector.
  • Produce bioscience graduates with training in relevant business and entrepreneurial skills.
  • Provide a training in laboratory and research skills.
  • Meet the global need for graduates who can successfully contribute to the rapidly developing industrial biotechnology sector.

Imperial College Business School

MSc: Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Management

Preparing non-business graduates for a wide spectrum of career opportunities which encompass starting your own business, developing business start-ups, consulting on innovation and leading the innovation agenda in established organisations.