Selected conferences and other meetings in the field of structural ceramics are listed below, especially those that will be attended or organised by CASC members.

ETH Zurich, Switzerland.

Additive manufacturing revolutionizes the way we can produce objects. From simple FDM printing to the complex assembly of metamaterials, 3D printing allows the creation of new and unique constructs. Even living matter is used: printed microorganisms add biological properties to materials or transform scaffolds over time. In addition, biofabrication of patient specific tissue grafts in personalized medicine is within reach of current research.

In this summer school, leading scientists will show you the current state of additive manufacturing and what will be soon possible. Experts from the field will present you real world applications and problems in translation of current research. It is our great pleasure to have several speakers from industry, which will talk about the capabilities and applications of additive manufacturing and biofabrication.

As part of the summer school you will also attend a full day workshop on 3D printing and on Bioprinting which will teach you hands-on the hard- and software which needed to get the printing started in your lab!

  • 10-11 September. Recent Appointees in Materials Science (Rams2018)

Cardiff, UK

Recent Appointees in Materials Science (RAMS) is the only UK national conference specifically aimed at recent appointees (lecturers, research fellows, postdocs and industrial researchers) in Materials Science.

RAMS 2018 will incorporate symposia covering a broad range of subjects in Materials Science (from inorganic materials and functional nanomaterials, to biological, soft matter and electronic materials), to help recent appointees in academia and industry to build their national collaborative networks, exchange experiences and benefit from peer support.

The conference will also incorporate plenary lectures from leading UK materials scientists as well as sessions on essential training and development and information on funding opportunities through the RAMS network, targeted to help materials scientists at the start of their careers. Our aim is to support those at the beginning of their career by providing a forum for networking. Balancing teaching and administration with trying to establish a research group can be a daunting task; RAMS seeks to provide a medium where new appointees can share their experiences and learn from their peers. So if you are a new research fellow, lecturer or a postdoc looking to have a career in any area of materials science, you may benefit from being part of the RAMS community.

  • 14-18 October. Materials Science & Technology (MS&T 18)

Ohio, USA.

The MS&T technical program is unmatched, addressing structure, properties, processing, and performance across the materials community. MS&T brings together scientists, engineers, students, suppliers, and business leaders to discuss current research and technical applications, and to shape the future of materials science and technology. To view the plenary lectures for MS&T18, click here. For a complete schedule of events, click here.

In addition, the exhibition showcases a wide variety of equipment and services to the automotive, aerospace, instrumentation, medical, oilfield, and energy industries.

MS&T is organized in a joint partnership of the five leading materials science-related societies – ACerS, AIST, ASM International, MetSoc, and TMS.

Daytona Beach, USA

ICACC18 showcases cutting-edge research and product developments in advanced ceramics, armour ceramics, solid oxide fuel cells, ceramic coatings, bioceramics, and more. The technical program and Industry Expo provides an open forum for scientists, researchers, engineers, and industry leaders from around the world to present and exchange findings on recent advances in ceramic science and technology.  We will have several researchers from CASC attending the meeting, and organising sessions. See you all there!