Undergraduate research opportunities

Every year many undergraduate students undertake research placements in the SPAT group, making invaluable contributions. We are always looking to engage UG students in our research, and these pages provide more information about how you can get involved.

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Previous UROP projects in SPAT

UROP projects in SPAT in Summer 2018

UROP students 2018
Project TitleStudentSupervisor
 Partitioning of heat transport between ocean and atmosphere  Jack Carlin  Arnaud Czaja
 Mirror-mode structures in the Earth's magnetosphere investigated using data from the Cluster FGM magnetometers  Han Yau Choong  Chris Carr 
 Development of magnetoresistive sensors for space weather monitoring  Claudia Cobo Torres  Chiara Palla 
 Building a database of simulations for the Forum mission  Xinmiao Hu  Helen Brindley
 Analysis of PDRMIP solar experiments  Elliott Kasoar  
 Predicting the space weather effects of coronal mass ejections  Ronan Laker  Tim Horbury
 Studies of oceanographical tracers  Elleanor Lamb  Heather Graven
 Development of a magnetic moment inversion system for the screening of magnetic parts to be used in an instrument in development for the ESA JUICE Mission  Adrian Lamoury   Patrick Brown 
 Using machine learning to reduce uncertainty in climate change predictions  Gerald Lim   Peer Nowack
 Developing a novel ozone parameterization to speed up climate change simulations  Qing Yee Ellie Ong   
 ITCZ shifts in an intermediate complexity atmospheric model  Burhanuddin Pisavadi  Arnaud Czaja
 Mirror-mode structures in the Earth's magnetosphere investigated using data from the Cluster FGM magnetometers  Jiatianfu Qu   Chris Carr
 The intertropical convergence zone in past and future climates  Rhidian Thomas  
 Study on SFG in the ocean  Henry Throp   Heather Graven
 Analysing data from the Helios Solar Mission to explore the process of magnetic reconnection  Hanae Tilquin   Jonathan Eastwood 
SPAT UROP projects summer 2018
Summer 2018 UROP students and projects

UROP Opportunities

Opportunities to pursue UROP placements in SPAT in summer 2019 will be placed here.

Data analysis of JUICE magnetometer ground test campaign

Description We are developing a magnetometer instrument that will fly on ESA’s JUICE space mission to the Jupiter system in 2022. Arriving at Jupiter in 2030 it will make a tour of the Galilean moons Callisto, Europa and Ganymede. The magnetometer measures the local magnetic field vector and will be used to confirm the presence on oceans buried underneath the lunar surface.

An integral part of delivering a space qualified instrument is the extensive test campaign that is undertaken on ground before launch. We are offering projects to support this test campaign. Key tasks will include:

• Analyse the susceptibility of fluxgate magnetometers to a high frequency radiated B-field.

• Analysis of magnetometer data taken during the on-ground test campaign   including performance testing EMC, thermal vacuum and calibration tests

• Work with the engineers to troubleshoot anomalous data

• Support and help improve general laboratory test activities

Successful candidates will work closely with the engineering team at the Space Magnetometer Laboratory which has a high international profile having been responsible to instrumentation for many ESA and NASA missions including Ulysses, Cassini, and Rosetta.

Skills and experience Some experience of coding is necessary, preferably in MATLAB. Hands on experience with electronics and/or instrumentation hardware is also desirable. The candidate must be enthusiastic about instrumentation and be willing to work as part of the team to help deliver a successful test campaign. 

For more information, contact Richard Baughen.