Unlimited data storage for Imperial researchers

The Imperial College Information Governance Steering Group has approved the use of Box for the management of research data.

To help staff with their data storage needs, the College is making the Box service available to academic and research staff at no cost.

Reliable, secure storage of data is essential for the success of any project. Investigators are required to ensure that their own and their group‘s data is stored and described in ways that will minimise the risk of loss and maximise the likelihood of future discoverability and re-use. The College is committed to providing infrastructure and support to help researchers meet their data storage requirements set out in the College Research Data Management Policy (pdf).

Box tabs

What is Box?

Box is

A Document Manager to help you keep all your files in one place that can be accessed anywhere from any device.

  • All your content will live in one place that you can access from your desktop or mobile device.
  • When your files are stored in Box you have a quick, easy and secure way to review version history and share your files internally or externally.

Box provides

  • unlimited storage of data
  • easy sharing of files and folders, within and outside the College
  • access online from anywhere in the world, from desktop and mobile devices
  • automatic syncing of data across devices
  • automated backup
  • machine learning tools to help describe your data
  • integration with Microsoft Office
  • viewers for different file formats

If you already use Box

  • you can be migrated into the College’s enterprise version that gives you unlimited storage – add your College email address to your account so it can be identified and email the ICT Service Desk service.desk@imperial.ac.uk to be migrated.

Box data is currently not hosted in the EU, therefore Box should not be used for sensitive data. Please contact ICT to discuss any specialised data storage needs.

Getting started

Go to imperialcollegelondon.app.box.com

  • Click on Continue.

box continue screen

  • Enter your College username and password as instructed on the page.

SSO credentials screen

  • You will then be logged in to Box!

To log out securely - please log out of your account within Box, and close your browser session.

Any questions? Please contact the ICT Helpdesk

College policy

Imperial College London  Policy

3.3 During the course of a research project, the PI must ensure their own and their group’s data (and use reasonable endeavours to ensure their collaborators’ research data) are stored and described in ways that will minimise the risk of loss and maximise the likelihood of future discoverability and re-use.

3.3.1 Minimum standards of data safety to be followed are published by ICT.

3.3.2 ICT will provide shared network storage that complies with these standards (see 6.1).

3.3.3 Research data are to be accompanied by adequate metadata and/or documentation to facilitate its identification and re-use.

6.1 ICT will make available appropriately resilient storage for research data during their collection and throughout the data lifecycle.