The Spiral Digital Repository thesis deposit licence

This is the licence you agree to when you deposit your thesis in Spiral. For the full licence see Thesis deposit licence

For information about how you can reuse your thesis see Publishing material from your thesis

By agreeing to this licence, you (the author(s) or copyright owner) grant, to Imperial College, permission to deposit a copy of your thesis in the College Digital Repository and that, as a result, you give the College the non-exclusive right to reproduce, translate (as defined below) and distribute your thesis worldwide in both print and electronic format in any medium, including but not limited to audio or video.

You agree that Imperial College may, without changing the content, translate the submission to any medium or format for the purpose of preservation.

You also agree that Imperial College may keep more than one copy of this submission for purposes of security, back-up and preservation.

You authorise the College authorities to supply a copy of the abstract of your thesis for inclusion in any published list (hard copy or electronic) of theses offered for higher degrees in British universities.

You warrant that this authorisation does not, to the best of your belief, infringe the rights of any third party and have attached copies of all permission documents to your thesis. Where you have not been able to obtain the necessary rights or permissions for the inclusion of certain material in your thesis you hereby affirm that you have exercised your best endeavours to secure these and have appended copies of your letters/emails seeking these to the thesis.

You have also checked that third-party owned material is clearly identified and acknowledged within the text or content of the submission.

If the submission is based upon work that has been sponsored or supported by an agency or organization other than Imperial College, you represent that you have fulfilled any right of review or other obligations required by such contract or agreement.

Imperial College will clearly identify your name(s) as the author(s) or owner(s) of the submission, and will not make any alteration, other than as allowed by this license, to your submission.


Imperial College is subject to the Freedom of Information Act 2002. This Act gives a general right of access to all information held by the College, including information held in the repositories. As a matter of normal practice we will only make your material available in accordance with the restrictions you have placed upon it. However, if someone specifically asks to see it, we must give them access unless the material qualifies for an exemption under the Act.

Imperial College refers to "Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine".