If you are aware of an institutional limit on an external bid that is not listed below, please contact researchoffice.fundingstrategy@imperial.ac.uk

Open calls

 Please note that Imperial will not be submitting to Research England`s Expanding Excellence in England (E3) Funding call.

AMS Springboard Scheme

The Academy of Medical Sciences has launched its Springboard scheme.  These awards offer a bespoke package of support to biomedical researchers at the start of their first independent post to help launch their research careers.  This includes funding of up to £100,000 over two years and access to the Academy’s mentoring and career development programme.  Applicants are strongly encouraged to review the Guidance notes and Terms and Conditions to ensure they meet the eligibility criteria.

There is an institutional limited on the number of eligibility checklists that Imperial may submit (6) and subsequently the number of applications from eligible College candidates (3). Thus, an internal selection process has been agreed:    

Part 1 – Eligibility checklist

  • All interested candidates are invited to submit the following eligibility material to researchoffice.fundingstrategy@imperial.ac.uk by 12pm Friday 20 April. Material will be reviewed to identify the 6 candidates to proceed with submission of their eligibility checklist to AMS
  • Eligibility check template, CV (2 page max), Publication list, Brief proposal outline (1 page max)

 Part 2 – Outline bid

  • Selected candidates should submit an outline application to researchoffice.fundingstrategy@imperial.ac.uk by 12pm Monday 14 May (template to follow). This will be reviewed by CCRPRG to identify the 3 candidates to proceed with submission of their proposal to AMS.

 Any queries should be directed to  Dr Mark Bambury

NERC Standard Grant rounds (July and January closing dates)

In 2015, NERC introduced a Demand Management quota system, whereby institutions whose 6-round success rate for Standard Grants (response mode, including New Investigator grants) fell below 20% received a cap on the number of proposals they could submit for that financial year's rounds. Imperial is currently subject to this demand management quota, and will be affected by an institutional cap of 8 submissions for each of the July 2018 and January 2019 rounds. To manage the cap and increase the quality of proposals being submitted to avoid future restriction, an internal review group has been established to aid in the support (and selection where required) of bids. 

For further details of how to submit your proposal to the internal NERC Proposals Review Group and the key dates for the next upcoming round under Demand Management measures, please visit our dedicated NERC Standard Grant Demand Management page.

AXA Chair

There are two opportunities per year to put someone forward for an AXA Chair position. Imperial is only permitted to submit one candidate per year, and the process is managed centrally. Departments interested in using the scheme to attract an individual to the College should initially approach researchoffice.fundingstrategy@imperial.ac.uk stating the individual that they wish to attract and the strategic benefit to the College of pursuing an application. If the Vice Provost for Research and Enterprise is convinced of the strategic need, and the College has not met its application limit, the department will be informed of the next steps to continue the process.

Ongoing calls

Selected and ongoing bids

Schmidt Science Fellows In partnership with the Rhodes Trust

DEADLINE: 7 August 2018

Imperial College London has been selected to nominate 5 outstanding young scientists for the Schmidt Science Fellows program.  This is a post-doctoral fellowship “intending to transcend the traditional confinements of science, enabling interdisciplinary thinking to tackle pivotal challenges and create a long lasting positive societal impact”.

This Innovative scheme, provides its second class of 10 – 15 fellows an incredible opportunity, each fellow will receive a stipend of $100,000 for the duration of their full time, yearlong postdoctoral research study in any field significantly different to their existing field of expertise and at a different institution than their current host .  Successful applicants will not only be exposed to new science and novel ways of thinking but access to a worldwide network of colleges enabling future collaborations on a global scale.

This exciting opportunity requires extraordinary candidates which fit the essential qualities. 

(Further information see https://schmidtsciencefellows.org/fellows/ )

All applicants:

  • Are required to have a background in Natural Sciences (Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Astronomy, Earth Sciences), Mathematics, Engineering and Computing. 
  • Must have received or expected to receive a PhD in one of the above fields between the 1st May 2018 and the 30th June 2019.
  • Must be able to demonstrate their ability to be available for the duration of the program (July 2019 – July 2020)

 Applications are open to all Natural Sciences, Mathematics, Engineering and Computing PhD fellows but please note that all submissions must be made by the relevant Head of Department and returned to Research Officeresearchoffice.fundingstrategy@imperial.ac.uk  by 7 August 2018. 

EPSRC Interdisciplinary Research Collaboration in Targeted Therapeutic Delivery Technologies

EPSRC has launched a call for Interdisciplinary Research Collaboration (IRC) in Targeted Therapeutic Delivery Technologies. Funding is available to support large-scale, interdisciplinary research collaboration to address research challenges in targeted therapeutic delivery technologies (within Healthcare) through a critical mass approach.  £10M is available to support one IRC. An institutional letter of support is required from Professor Nick Jennings, Vice-Provost (Research and Enterprise) for each institution involved in a bid. Should you require a letter, please submit the following documents to researchoffice.fundingstrategy@imperial.ac.uk by midday Tuesday 27 February 2018:

  • A version of the letter that is complete and ready to be signed. The letter may be edited for style, but all content should be provided and complete
  • Confirmation of the commitments that are attached to the bid and outlined in the letter (e.g. time, space, funds). This confirmation must be from the budget holder and show that this provision has been approved
  • A copy of the application form in its latest state

 Any queries should be directed to Suzanne Rolfe (s.rolfe@imperial.ac.uk)

EPSRC Centres for Doctoral Training 

It is anticipated that EPSRC will announce a call for the next round of Centres for Doctoral Training (CDTs) in early 2018.

For information relating to this call please visit our dedicated EPSRC CDT page.

ESRC Research Centres Competition 2018

ESRC recently announced a call for outline proposals for its Centres Competition 2018. ESRC expects evidence of long term institutional commitment, both strategic and financial. Unlike in previous calls, it has set this commitment at a minimum of 25% fEC (which can include the normal 20% institutions already cover as part of the grant award process) to align with its new Centres policy. 

Imperial is limited to two outline submissions, which will also require a supporting letter from the Vice-Provost Research and Enterprise. An internal process is being managed by the Research Office; Imperial's two submissions have been selected to meet ESRC's deadline of 15 March 2018. For any queries, please contact Louise Sherlock (l.sherlock@imperial.ac.uk)

Wellcome Trust Multi-user Equipment scheme and Biomedical Resource and Technology Development scheme

The Wellcome Trust have opened calls for Multi-user Equipment and Biomedical Resource and Technology Development. Professor Nick Jennings, Vice-Provost (Research and Enterprise), offered to provide letters of institutional support.   Deadline for letter material is Friday 23 March 2018 (12pm noon) for a Trust submission deadline of Friday 6 April 2018.  Decisions are expected in July 2018.

 Leverhulme Trust Research Centres 

The Leverhulme Trust have announced its Leverhulme Research Centres 2018 funding round is open. The College can only submit one application and an internal process was therefore put in place to select this single bid. Deadline of the selected outline submission to Leverhulme is 16:00 9 January 2018.

Any queries should be directed to Dr Mark Bambury

Schmidt Science Fellows In partnership with the Rhodes Trust

Imperial College London was selected to nominate 5 outstanding young scientists for the Schmidt Science Fellows program.  An internal process was put in place to nominate these five, who will submit their applications to the funder by end of December 2017, with decisions announced in Spring 2018.

For any queries, please contact Angela Kingman (a.kingman@imperial.ac.uk)