Master's of Research (MRes) in Molecular Science and Engineering

This MRes provides the chance for me to gain industrial insights, and to see how my future research may have practical applications and a meaningful impact in society."

Mr Konstantinos Zinelis

IMSE MRes student

The MRes in Molecular Science and Engineering is an innovative, one-year course designed to create a new generation of 'multilingual' scientists and engineers who can work seamlessly between traditional academic disciplines. Graduates who can work effectively within the exciting and ever-expanding field of molecular science and engineering are increasingly in-demand, to help tackle pressing problems in society.

Carton representation of the molecular science and engineering concept

The course is taught by world-class researchers from several Imperial departments, and includes a six-month industry-focused research project.

In this way, students obtain a unique, transdisciplinary and collaborative research education, and graduates are equipped with an unparalleled perspective – as well as a set of fundamental and applied skills – as they embark on their future careers.

The course is particularly relevant to:

  • Scientists wanting to focus on the practical applications of their research
  • Engineers wanting to better understand the fundamentals of molecular science
  • Students wanting to gain practical experience in industry

The programme was launched in October 2017, with a cohort of seven students from a diverse set of backgrounds. The course is suitable for those with undergraduate degrees in range of subjects, including: chemistry, materials science, biology, chemical engineering, biomedical engineering, mechanical engineering, physics, computing and the life sciences.