Year in Europe Language Classes

Language classes in French, German, Spanish and Italian are available for students registered for a degree with a Year in Europe (including Degrees with a Language for Science).

  • They are taught one hour per week over two terms (Autumn & Spring term) in addition to the two hours taught as part of Imperial Horizons Programme.
  • The focus is on becoming familiar with university life and culture in the foreign country. Scientific and technical terminology in the foreign language will also be covered.
  • You will be assessed for this extra component through an in-class test in the second term. This counts towards the final overall grade as part of the written examination component. 
  • Attendance at this extra hour and completion of any preparation work allocated will be essential to achieve the proficiency required for a stay abroad beyond the scope of the general language class.

If you have any questions about joining the Year in Europe scheme you should contact your departmental exchange co-ordinator.

Year in Europe

'Year in Europe hour' course descriptions 

Assessment Guidelines

  • Year in Europe Written Assessment Procedures [pdf]‌*
  • Year in Europe Oral Assessment Procedures [pdf]‌*

*New versions of these documents will be available shortly. Please contact with any queries.