Anthony Kucernak   Professor Anthony Kucernak

Professor of Physical Chemistry

Deputy Director, Energy Futures Lab

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Postdoctoral Researchers

 Javier Rubio Dr. Javier Rubio-Garcia  Redox flow batteries
 Andres Dr. Andres Parra Puerto

Abiotic Waste Water Fuel Cells

Guohui Zhang

Dr. Guohui Zhang

Electrochemical Energy Storage

Colleen Jackson Dr. Colleen Jackson

Electrocatalysts for hydrogen electrochemical compression

Asad Dr. Asad Mehmood  

Non-precious electrocatalysts for the PEMFC cathode


PhD Students

 Maxime Bedouet  Maxime Bedouet  Fuel cell lifetime extension
 WJ Jun Wu  
 lyra Xiaoqian Lin  Floating electrode system
 Muhang Muhang Xiao  

Non-precious electrocatalysts for the water oxidation

ben Ben Simon Aqueous organic redox flow batteries
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Research Technician

   Jack Dawson Abiotic wastewater fuel cells


Masters Students

 Simon Kellner Simon Kellner Carbon aerogels for structural supercapacitors (Erasmus student from Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nürnberg)
  Han, Yiming  MRes- Catalysis. Low-loading electrodese for PEMFCs
  Liu, Rutao  MRes - Green Chemsitry. New redox couples for RFBs
  Wu, Shuang  MRes - Nanomaterials. Structure/function comparisons of multifunctional Metal Phosphides Catalysts for Fuel Cell and Electrolysers
  Mamand, Alan  MRes - Nanomaterials. Nanoporous Carbon Aerogels as electrocatalytic electrodes for High-Performance Redox Flow Batteries
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Former Group Members 



  • Hiroshi Iden, Nissan 2011-2013


  • Dr Daniel Malko (Currently works in BASF)
  • Dr Kieran Fahy (Currently works at the University of Toronto)
  • Dr Matthew Markiewicz 2011-2017 (Currently at Ballard Fuel Cells, Vancouver)
  • Dr Jacek Lapinski 2013-2017
  • Dr Tiziana Denaro 2016-2017
  • Dr Christos Kalyvas 2010-2015
  • Dr Thiago Lopes 2012-2014
  • Dr Biraj Kumar Kakati 2012-2014
  • Dr Venkat Narayanan 2012-2014
  • Dr Manos Simianakis 2011-2013
  • Dr Mayur Mistry 2011-2013
  • Dr Denis Kramer 2010-2011
  • Dr Fabrice Bidault 2010-2011


  • Dr Graham Smith 2012-2015
  • Dr Chris Zalits 2011-2013
  • Dr Ehsan Ahmad 2008-2013*
  • Honglin Xu 2010-2013*
  • Cynthia Attingre 2009-2012
  • Dr Nico Cousens 2009-2012
  • Dr Chris Zalits 2008-2011
  • Dr Fabrice Bidault 2010-2011
  • Dr Alice Sleightholme 2003-2007
  • Dr Gregory Offer 2003-2006
  • Dr Patrick Hayes 2001-2006
  • Dr Sameera Darr 1996-2006
  • Dr Alan Palmer 1997-2004
  • Dr Nikos Vasileiadis 1999-2004
  • Dr Clare Green 1988-2002
  • Dr Carlos Mongay-Batalla 1997-2003
  • Dr Richard Brown 1997-2001
  • Dr Alec Thompson 1997-2001

* indicates a joinly supervised student


  • Alexandra Charleson
  • Wenyao Guo (aka Lucky) (MRes) 2013
  • Tiffany Tin (MRes) 2013
  • Daniel Malko (ERASMUS Student) 2012-2013
  • Li Hongge (aka Ellen) (MSci) 2012-2013
  • Matthew Ho (MSci)
  • Guanola Aumont (MRes)2012
  • Olivier Huin (MRes) 2012
  • Chi Iu (BSc) 2011
  • Vivat Termglinchan (MSci) 2011
  • Jonathan Quinson (MSci) 2010-2011
  • Gabriella Gentilcore (MSci) 2010-2011