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earth seen from space with country lines marked
Briefing: Climate change, low-carbon transitions and security

This briefing paper discusses the potential role of climate change, and the responses to it, as a security ‘threat multiplier’ that can exacerbate the risk of conflict, providing recommendations on how to reduce the chance of climate change-related conflict.Read the briefing

Infographic showing renewables icons and money symbols
Spotlight: The path to a low-carbon future

The Grantham Institute is working with policymakers, business leaders and researchers to evaluate decarbonisation pathways and help make the transition to a low-carbon future. Find out more about our work

Man in a field spraying pesticides on the crop
Briefing: Multiple stressors in freshwater ecosystems: biocides and climate change

Human activity is putting increasing pressure on our natural environment and human-induced impacts are becoming both more widespread and severe. This briefing paper considers multiple threats to freshwater ecosystems and provides recommendations on how to monitor, model and manage them effectively. Read the briefing