Grantham Institute – Climate Change and the Environment


image of the globe as seen from space, with lines marking country borders
Briefing: Climate change, low-carbon transitions and security

This briefing paper discusses the potential role of climate change, and the responses to it, as a security ‘threat multiplier’ that can exacerbate the risk of conflict, providing recommendations on how to reduce the chance of climate change-related conflict. Find out more

Closeup of the bionic chandelier
Competition: Grantham Art Prize 

The Grantham Art Prize, run in collaboration with  the Royal College of Art (RCA), is designed to create a conversation about climate change and environment issues in a visual way, and kick start collaborations between Imperial College London and students from other universities. Find out more

coal station with solar panels in the foreground
Briefing: Towards a just and equitable low-carbon energy transition

This briefing paper reviews existing evidence on the risk of adverse regional, industrial and societal impacts of a rapid transition to a low-carbon economy, and discusses how those risks can be minimised. Find out more