Will you support the top medical professionals of the future? Help us equip the brightest medical minds and remove barriers to a world-class education

Imperial leads the world in the study of medicine. Our Faculty of Medicine provides students with an internationally-renowned education in medicine and health sciences.

The Dean’s Fund for the Faculty of Medicine aims to ensure that the next generation of clinicians and scientists are able to pursue their education in as many different environments, contexts and disciplines as possible.

Last year, the Dean provided bursaries for fifth and sixth year students who needed extra support with living and travel expenses, as other options for funding were reduced. This lifeline means that students have the financial freedom to focus on their studies and make the most of their placements across the UK without the financial burden.

Together in 2016-17, 208 donors generously gave £75,067 to the Dean’s Fund for the Faculty of Medicine. Thank you.

Students in labA small gift goes a long way

“The Dean’s Fund will allow me to relieve some of the stress of funding my living costs whilst studying a medical degree. I currently work part time at the student’s union bar to try to help fund myself, which can be very tiring and this bursary will help reduce the number of shifts I have to take. It’s such a great help to me and I don’t think I would have been able to get anywhere near this far through my medical degree without financial support so I’m very grateful!” 

Catriona Bennett – Medicine, 6th Year

This year your gift could:

  • Provide scholarships to our most academically able students to allow them to develop their knowledge and skills.
  • Invest in new and upgraded facilities for Imperial medical students to advance their knowledge.
  • Support students whose studies are jeopardised by unexpected financial hardship.
  • Provide ‘seed’ funding for experimental research projects.
  • Offer travel bursaries to help with the costs of field trips, attending conferences, undertaking research abroad, and participating in overseas exchange programmes.

Please make a gift today to ensure that current and future generations of Imperial medics are able to gain the best possible education and experience in medicine during their time at Imperial.