Introduction to Film imageThis introductory course offers an opportunity to expand your knowledge of cinema and to engage in critical discussions about films.

NB: This course has now been closed for enrolment as it is full

Taking a broadly chronological approach the course covers some of the key movements, styles, genres and periods in the history of cinema and considers a wide variety of film from the Hollywood mainstream to the independent sector and key national cinemas.

The Autumn term will present an overview of European and American cinema history to introduce a number of the key issues and concepts in film studies.

The Spring term will then build on the previous semester to look in more depth at a number of national cinemas, including European, Latin-American and Asian cinemas.

Each weekly session will be packed with clips and focus on a specific topic which will be introduced and discussed in relation to the extracts screened.

By the end of the course you will have a broad understanding of film history and its wider cultural context, as well as an enhanced appreciation of film in general. No prior knowledge is required, just an interest in and love for film and an enthusiasm to learn more!

Preliminary course syllabus (subject to change)

[Autumn Term]

  • Week 1: Introductions and overview of the course
  • Week 2: The Birth of Cinema
  • Week 3: German Expressionism & Soviet Montage
  • Week 4: The Studio System and Pre-Code Hollywood & Film Stardom and Fan Culture
  • Week 5: Post-Code Hollywood and Film Genres
  • Week 6: Italian Neorealism
  • Week 7: French New Wave and Authorship
  • Week 8: American Independents: 1950 - 1970s
  • Week 9: American Independents: Indiewood

** Christmas break **

[Spring Term]

  • Week 10: The Rise of the Blockbuster and the Franchise
  • Week 11: Animation
  • Week 12: British Social Realism: 1950s - 1990s & Contemporary British Cinema
  • Week 13: Northern European Cinema
  • Week 14: Latin-American and Spanish Cinema
  • Week 15: Overlooked Cinema: Europe and Australia/NZ
  • Week 16: Bollywood
  • Week 17: Asian cinema: Chinese & Hong Kong Cinema
  • Week 18: Asian cinema: Korean & Japanese
  • Week 19: Music of the Movies
  • Week 20: Documentary

NB: This course has now been closed for enrolment as it is full

Imperial College undergraduates and postgraduates may, if they wish, acquire 2 ECTS credits after successfully completing their Evening Class. To qualify, a student must attend the classes regularly and pass a test at the end of the second term. Students will be invited to apply in the second term to take the test.

Questions regarding the content and teaching of the above course should be addressed to the course tutor, Mr Taylor Boxall,