German imageGerman Conversation

This course is designed as a one-hour per week guided conversation class for students at Intermediate levels (A2 to B1) allowing them to revise and consolidate their communicative skills (listening & speaking).

Being an Intermediate-level mixed ability conversation class, this course is suitable for students who can communicate beyond GCSE level and who would like to brush up on existing skills and/or add oral practice to any other course they are already attending.

The course will help students gain confidence in oral communication, improve their pronunciation and increase their vocabulary to tackle a range of communicative contexts.

Materials will be designed depending on the needs of the group. Subjects for conversation will include topics of personal interest or pertinent to everyday life, as well as current affairs and society & culture.

If you have any questions about the course content or require course-level advice please directly email our German Coordinator, Dr Felicitas Starr-Egger, PRIOR to enrolment.

Please carefully review the programme timetableterm dates and prices & enrolment information before clicking on the booking link (set to take applicants to the correct eStore destination page starting 1 September).