Spanish Beginners (continued)

Spanish imageThis 10-hour course is designed to consolidate topics seen in the Spanish Beginner lunchtime course. Students will revise essential topics such as present tense conjugation, including irregular verbs and periphrases. Further grammatical aspects such as different tenses will be included depending on the level of the class.

Vocabulary on everyday communicative contexts will be reinforced and expanded: talking about people (family, physical and psychological descriptions, work and hobbies), ordering at a restaurant and vocabulary related to shopping in different contexts, asking for directions, using transport, etc.

Awareness of pronunciation and linguistic characteristics such as word gender, verb conjugation and pronouns will be required at this level. This course is aimed at students who have completed the Beginners Lunchtime and for new students of a similar level (as described above, with an A1.1. proficiency).

This course will be mostly communicative. Students wishing to consolidate the language fully and to practice areas such as writing and reading in greater depth are advised to join the separate Evening Class Programme which runs from October to March.

Course materials will be prepared by the teacher and introduced depending on the needs and ability of the group. Applicants can expect to cover most of the following:

  1. Revision of the present tense: irregular verbs, reflexives;
  2. Describing routines, habits, expressing frequency. Telling the time, parts of the week. Connectors;
  3. Revision of verbs like “Gustar”. Agreement and disagreement: también, tampoco;
  4. In the restaurant: food, drink, ordering and giving information about food;
  5. Impersonal form with “se”;
  6. Direct object pronouns;
  7. Describing towns and cities. Essential vocabulary: services and locations. Prepositions and quantifiers.

Advice on further progression: Should students wish to access the following level in the evening class programme (Lower Intermediate), further independent revision during the summer would be required. For guidance please contact the Spanish Coordinator.

If you have any questions about the course content or require course-level advice please directly email the Spanish Coordinator, Ms Iria Gonzalez-BecerraPRIOR to enrolment.

Please carefully review the programme timetableterm dates and booking instructions before clicking on the booking link.