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This 10-hour course for complete beginners is designed to provide an introduction to Mandarin Chinese. The course aims to train students in the aural comprehension of the sounds of Mandarin and inculcate good pronunciation, including accurate use of the four tones. The course will also familiarize students with Pinyin Romanization and equip them with the skills necessary to carry out simple conversations using basic sentence patterns.

Course summary

During the course the students will be introduced to the sounds of the Peking Dialect (Mandarin), including the four tones. Simple sentence patterns, such as greetings, affirmative, interrogative and negative structures, and key aspects of word order will also be taught, allowing students to carry out simple conversations in the target language.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course, students should be able to:

  • Greet people and introduce themselves
  • Count up to 100 and tell the time
  • Talk about dates and periods of the day
  • Conduct a simple transaction in a shop
  • Order a meal in a restaurant
  • Talk about members of the family

Course materials

The course is based on the first half of Experiencing Chinese: Living in China(40-50 hours) by Zhu Xiaoxing. Higher Education Press, China (Jan 2006). Students are advised not buy the text book prior to the start of the course.

If you have any questions about the course content or require course-level advice please directly email the Mandarin Coordinator, Dr Ruth Herd, PRIOR to enrolment.

Please carefully review the programme timetableterm dates and booking instructions before clicking on the booking link. 
N.B: Enrolment starts 27 March 2018