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  • Contact us if you have a comment to make about the Careers Service. We guarantee that we will respond to you within three working days after receipt.
  • If you have used the Careers Service and want to provide more detailed feedback then please tell us what you think about the services that we offer by completing one of our feedback surveys.
  • We value highly the comments from all those who utilise the Service and welcome suggestions which will enable us to further develop our work.
  • You can email us comments and we guarantee that we will respond to you within three working days of receipt.
  • Complete a Comments please [pdf] and hand it in at the reception or email it to us, and we guarantee that we will respond to you within three working days of receipt.
  • You can see how we deal with complaints about our service in our Complaints procedure Complaints procedure [pdf]
  • We include a link to this page with every email request for careers information, advice and guidance to encourage those using the Service to provide feedback.

From time to time we promote surveys from various organisations,  that seek to identify patterns of job seeking behaviours amongst graduates.

We value the views of the users of our services, and we have a Monitoring and Evaluation Strategy [pdf] that guarantees that we maintain and act on feedback from a variety of sources - students, employers and academics. We regularly post feedback on this page that says how we have acted upon feedback, and how we have improved/revised our service provision accordingly.

Share you interview or assessment centre experience with other Imperial students

The Careers Service encourages Imperial students to share their experiences of interviews and assessment centres by completing a brief survey. Interview and Assessment Centre feedback is available from the Careers website here.

How we respond to your comments

The table below represents analysis of recent stakeholder Feedback taken (from student, alumni, employer, academic) on our services, and action we have taken as a result.

You said...We did...
 "I'd like to see more workshops that are sector specific"  We have introduced 'The Careers Cafe' - a series of smaller workshops (up to 6 students can attend and the event focusses on different occupational sectors or themes). The 'Careers Cafe' workshops started in October 2014 and usually take place in the Careers Information Room, are very interactive, and are tailored to the students that book. Booking via JobsLive is essential.

  "Let more students know what the Careers Service is for"  During 2013-14 we undertook a complete re-thinking of our image/brand, and as a result developed a very strong visual identity, which we use in the physical location of thae Careers Service, as well as through our marketing and events. We introduced 'CV Pop Ups' and have continued to take our services to the heart of where students are on campus.

  "Perhaps there could be events to promote more unconventional careers"  We have developed a range of 'Focus on.. (an industry sector) weeks. So far, we have focussed on the Environment, Charity and Not for profit, Science Communication & Science Policy. The weeks are a mux of workshops, talks, larger careers fairs, and individual opportunities to have 'Skype chats' with individuals from those sectors. The weeks have been very popular, and a highlight this year was a talk from 'Sky at Night'
 "Subject specific and industry sector information available online" During 2014 we digitised our hard copy careers library, and as a result you can now research occupations and job sectors through the careers website.
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