The Board exists to advise the Department on the following areas of its work:

Overarching Strategy

  • The Department’s long term strategy and implementation of its strategy
  • Trends and developments in industry and university research and suggesting departmental responses.

Research Strategy

  • Research strategy taking into account trends, developments, government and funding policy, and industry needs.
  • Research collaborations (industry, international, clinical)

Teaching and Curricula  

  • Alignment of the curricula of its taught courses with the needs of society and to identify new trends and innovations which should be reflected in the curricula.
  • Industry involvement in teaching and learning, including career and internship opportunities for students and graduates.

 Communications and Stakeholder Engagement

  • The Department’s profile nationally and internationally with its key stakeholders (funders, government, employers, alumni etc.)
  • Effectiveness of current engagement with business and industry.

The Department of Bioengineering is fortunate to have the following Advisory Board members:

Advisory Board Members

Prof C. Ross Ethier



Wallace H Coulter Dept. of Bioengineering, Georgia Insitute of Technology. Professor Ethier holds the Lawrence L. Gellerstedt, Jr. Chair in Bioengineering and is a Georgia Research Alliance Eminent Scholar. A former Head of the Department of Bioengineering at Imperial College Professor Ethier is currently the Chair of our Advisory Board. 

Professor Doug Lauffenburger

lauffenburgerHead, Department of Biological Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Professor Lauffenburgeris a member of the Biotechnology Process Engineering Center, Center for Cancer Research, and the Center for Environmental Health Sciences. A former President of the Biomedical Engineering Society, he is currently Director of the Computational & Systems Biology Initiative.

Prof Don Giddens


Department of Biomedical Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology. Professor Giddens is the former Dean of Engineering at Georgia Tech, and is currently President of the American Society of Engineering Education.

Prof Ian Hunter


Hatsopoulos Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Professor Hunter is head of the BioInstrumentation Laboratory.

Dr Moncef Slaoui



GSK Dr Slaoui is a member of the Board of Directors and the Corporate Executive Team at GSK. In addition to his responsibility for R&D, held since 2006, he was given overall responsibility for GSK Vaccines in 2011 and for GSK’s New Product Franchises in 2012.


Dr Simon Archibald

archiboldDr Simon Archibald is Chief Scientistat Integra Life Sciences Corporation.Dr Archbald has worked for Integra since 1997 where he has held a number of senior roles including Vice President of R&D for the new Integra NeuroSciences business and Vice President of R&D & Vice President of Clinical Affairs. In 2005 he was promoted to Chief Scientific Officer.

Prof Frank Baaijens


iomedical Engineering, Eindhoven University of TechnologyProfessor Baaijens is Scientific Director of the national research programme on BioMedical Materials (BMM).

Dr Peter Fielding

Wellspan Surgical AssociatesDr Fielding is a practising physician who has held senior academic appointments as a Clinical Professor of Surgery at Yale University, Rochester University, University of Pennsylvania and Pennsylvania State University. He is a fellow of the American College of Surgeons.

Mr Martin Hunt


Programme Programme Director at i4i National Institute for Health Research (NIHR). Mr Hunt is also Board Vice President and Advisor, Trophos, SA and Deputy Chairman at MDY Healthcare plc.  

Dr Peter Torzilli



Senior Scientist and Director, Laboratory for Soft Tissue Research, Hospital for Special Surgery, New York. Dr Torzilli's previous appointments include Professor of Applied Biomechanics in Orthopaedic Surgery, Weill Medical College of Cornell University, and Grant Professor of Biomedical Engineering, Department of Mechanical Engineering, and Co- Director, Center for B iomedical Engineering, City College School of Engineering. 

Prof John Tarbell



Chair of Biomedical Engineering, City University of New York. Professor Tarbell has been elected as a Fellow of the American S ociety of Mechanical Engineers, a Fellow of the Biomedica l Engineering Society, and a Fellow of the American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering. He also received the Medal of Excellence for Alumni Achievement in Academia (Rutgers University, 2010).

Mr Simon Talbot

Simon Talbot is Managing Director of P3 Medical Ltd and a Director of the Association of British Healthcare Industries (ABHI).

Mr Alessandro Ciucci

Alessandro Ciucci is a 2010 graduate of the Department of Bioengineering. Since graduating Alessandro has worked in software development and project management with leading medical technology companies.