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Enjoy a packed evening and weekend social programme to help you enjoy your time in London to the full! You will have the opportunity to join activities on campus, explore London and beyond with other students on the programme and our team of pastoral mentors. 

The following is a guide to the type of activities that our social programme typically includes:

Social programme details

On campus

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We offer a variety of on campus activities for students to join, including:

- Sports activities including football, lacrosse and gym classes

- Talent show

- Pub quiz

- Arts and crafts activities

- Board games

- Campus tours

Free time will be provided for rest in the halls of residence before or after class, and before or after weekend activities. However, we believe that you will get the most out of the Summer School by fully immersing yourself so you should expect to be engaged in team activities for the majority of the day. 

Off campus

View of tower bridgeWe offer a variety of off-campus trips to give you a taste of life in London and beyond, including:

- Trip to a West End musical

- Day trip to Brighton

- Visits to nearby museums and galleries

- A boat cruise on the River Thames

- Graduation dinner and dance