Frequently asked questions

How do I report a fault/defect with the building?

All problems/faults (e.g. lights not working) should be reported to the Facilities Management helpdesk on 48000. Further information can be found on the Estates Facilities website.

How do I report an IT problem?

Call the ICT Service desk on 49000. Further information can be found on the ICT Service Desk website.

How do I order items?

Use the Purchase Order Request Form for your requests copying your supervisor on the email request. You can download a copy of the purchase order instructions can be found here. Academics and staff can email the details rather than fill in the form.

list of suppliers we have used in the past and are registered with the college is also available. Please note that this list is not all the suppliers who are registered. If you want to check if a supplier is registered or register a new supplier please email

How do I order a computer?


You will need to obtain a web proposal number and email from Apple to forward on to AeroFinance. Instructions on the Apple ordering process and how to obtain a web proposal number can be found at:

You will need to register to create the proposal. DO NOT create a quote as we cannot process them. Please do not use any other apple websites as we obtain special prices through the above link. When you send your proposal copy your supervisor in and put the account code to be charged.


Your supervisor will instruct you on what kind of machine they expect you to purchase. Your purchase request should be emailed to

You can view the college HP catalogue here: Please note this link will only permit you to view/configure machines, generate and save quotes.

Please create a quote and obtain a pdf copy of it ensure that you check with your supervisor that you have the right specification etc. Email copying in your supervisor requesting the computer purchase. Please include the price and code on the email and attach a copy of the quote. This provides an audit trail of the supervisor’s approval for the purchase.

General Information

If you are a self-funded PhD student the department may be funding your computer purchase. If this is the case then please state this on your request instead of the code.

We will raise a purchase order from the quote an d will email you a copy of the order pdf when it comes through. HP orders normally take a minimum of 2 weeks but sometimes longer depending on the specification you choose. Apple are norm ally around 1 week.

Your computer will be delivered to the Teaching Of fice. They will contact you when it arrives. Please collect it as soon as possible and let ICT know that it has arrived as they will set it up for you. For further advise please email

Where can I find a list of college recommended suppliers?

A list of preferred suppliers can be found on the Purchasing website. Please note that this is not all the registered suppliers (there are hundreds). If you cannot find the suppliers please email to check to see if they are registered.

How do I order software from ICT?

Information about ordering software can be found on the ICT website.

If the software is paid for by the Department, you need to email the following information to Molly Ip at and cc the message to your supervisor:

  • The item(s) you wish to purchase.
  • The cost of the purchase.
  • The full account code of the account from which the money is to be debited.
  • The description you wish to appear on the Journal.

How do I order poster-printing?

You must obtain a quo te from Service Point and complete a Purchase Order Request Form and send it to (remember to cc your supervisor) as a purchase order will need to be raised. When you receive the purchase order you must complete the Service Point Requisition Form which is on their webpage including the purchase order number.

It is your responsbility to liaise with Service Point and to collect your posters.

How do I book flights or hotels?

Egencia can be found at A copy of the registration form is on this page for you to download.

You must get your supervisors permission to register.

You must send the completed form to Do not send the form directly to Purchasing as it needs approval first.

Once you are registered you can log onto the Egencia website and select the flights and or hotel bookings. Then take a screen shot of the details making sure it is showing price and put this into an email to AeroFinance. On the email you must state the code to be charged. Remember to copy your supervisor in on the email.

We will process your order and will send you a copy of the order. The order number must be entered onto the webpage and submitted for the booking to be confirmed. If you do not give Egencia the purchase order number it is NOT booked.

Can I take equipment out of the college?

All equipment bought with College funds, (i.e. research grants, departmental accounts, staff accounts) is the property of the College. If you wish to take any equipment out of the College you must ensure:

  1. The custodian is aware and you have his/her agreement.
  2. You have the Head of Department’s approval.
  3. There is adequate insurance cover for the equipment once it has left the College premises.

Failure to do so means you will be liable for the cost of repair or of replacement as new.

Do I have College Travel Insurance?

If you are travelling overseas on College business you will be covered by the College’s insurance. Details are set out on the Finance website.

If you are required to provide an insurance certificate for visa purposes you should contact Molly Ip on or the Insurance Manager with the following information:

  • Your name and CID number.
  • Destination(s) and date(s).

Should you choose to obtain independent insurance coverage the cost will not be reimbursed.

How do I submit an expense claim?

PDF claim forms are available on the rack outside Molly Ip's office. All claims must be supported by receipts. If you have paid by credit card, please provide a bank statement. Before submitting your claim, please read the instructions carefully:

Expense form instructions (please read them carefully): Excel or PDF.

Current Expense Form Templates:

Excel- to be completed in Excel and printed off or

PDF - print off and then complete in pen.

Procedure note: How to use XE.COM

Download the information on the types of acceptable receipt.

When travelling abroad you will need to stay within the rates for the country and city you are staying. If it says "actuals" this means the Inland Revenue have not declared a rate for that city. In this situation please look at the rates for the nearest city.

Please submit your paper forms to Whitney Grossett. On-line forms go to Susan Avery for checking. If you have any queries please contact

How long do foreign payments take to process?

The turn-around time for processing foreign payments is 10 working days from the date of receipt (when Accounts Payable receives the documents) of the invoice/expense claim.

What are Research Council/EC eligible and non-eligible expenses?

Please download the detailed list of eligible and non-eligible expenses.

How do I request a temporary car parking space for someone?

Car parking spaces can be booked for work-related visitors but NOT for personal use.

If you are requesting a car parking space the following information MUST BE provided. Once completed send the request to either Molly or Lisa.

Details of visitor:

Name :

Company Name :

Ve hicle Reg :

Date of visit (required) :

Time in ( ) Time out ( )

Anyone who does not have a car parking space booked in advance will have to pay car parking fees.

Printing and photocopying

If you are a m ember of research staff or a PhD student you will not be required to top up your ID card in order to use the printer/copier in the Central Library, the A4 colour printer/copier/scanner in RODH 265 and any other pr nters in the College run by ICT. A cap of £5.00 per month is placed on your card.

Use of telephone

To make a business related call you should dial 9 + phone number and to make a personal call dial 7 + phone number. There is an allowance of £5 per month for business calls and £5 per month for personal calls per office.

If the allowance is exceeded you will be contacted for the overspend.

Please contact Molly Ip if there is a special reason why you need to make a lot of business calls.

How do I create a PWP (professional web page)?

Information about creating your PWP can be found on the College webguide:

How do I book a conference/lecture room?

Email the General Office at with details of the date, time and room.

How do I request a replacement office key?

Please go and see the Departmental Operations Manager's PA (Tayo Nong). It is £10 for a replacement key.

How do I remove old computing and electronic equipment?

Clearly label the unwanted equipment and put the items in a corner.

Email a list of the unwanted equipment to the General Office on with the subject title "Old Office Equipment".

Information about UROP/Occasional students/Internships

Before you decide to take on any students please refer to the follow ing guide on departmental policy:


Project students via the ERASMUS scheme - there is a well established procedure and this should be dealt with via Colin Cotter.

UROP (Undergraduate Research Opportunities Programme)

UROP provides an opportunity for students who have yet to graduate from their masters degree to participate in real research. Because they are 'tasters' for research and are not a part of a degree programme (for which fees would generally be liable) it is critical to avoid conflict with the requirements of our own students, e.g. they should only be carried out outside term time.

The department has to restrict the number of projects it accepts under this scheme each year, especially experimental projects. Priority is given to students from the Department and we do not normally accept students from outside the College. Supervisors must have the funds to cover bursary payments if any and all associated experimental costs. All requests require HoD approval and applications should be sent to Tayo Nong.


We do not normally accept internships in the Department. All requests require HoD approval and applications should be sent to Tayo Nong.

Visiting student/Occasional student (non-degree)

Like internships, we do not normally host these students in the Department. However, there are times when such requests will be granted due to academic reasons. All visiting/occasional students are required to pay tuition fees.

All requests require HoD approval and applications should be sent to Tayo Nong.

Can I work whilst studying?

Please see the information on the International Office website.

What is the College's VAT number?

GB 649 9266 78

Where is the nearest Post Office?

South Kensington Station
41 Old Brompton Road

(0.4 miles)

Gloucester Road
118 Gloucester Road

(0.5 miles)