We offer a range of free and paid for software to support you with your work. The following webpages highlight the most popuar software options and instructions on how to access them. 

You can also stream software from the Imperial Software Hub, for more infomation on how to access this service view our Software Hub webpages

Software acc

Accessibility Suite for W3C/WCAG for Adobe Dreamweaver

This free tool can be downloaded for both Windows and Mac platforms at Usablenet.

As Dreamweaver is used by more than 70% of professional and institutional web designers, this free tool makes complying with SENDA and other disability-related legislation much easier and further a core TechDis aim to help the education sector maximise the use of technology to meet the needs of the disabled.

The Accessibility Suite for W3C/WCAG:

  • Allows websites to be checked for accessibility in the same way as a document is spellchecked.
  • Helps ensure that web content meets SENDA and Priority Level 1 & 2 W3C/WAI guidelines.
  • Automatically finds user issues.
  • Offers detailed instructions on how to fix the problems found.

Tests can be run on one webpage, selected sections or folders or a complete website.

Adobe Acrobat

There are two versions of Adobe Acrobat licences available:

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC Licence (perpetual)

This licence, with download, costs £111.15. As it is a perpetual licence, you do not need to renew it every year.

Adobe Acrobat CC (Creative Cloud)

This licence is pro rata and needs to be renewed annually on 16 October. It is a per named End User Licence (for one sole user to install on one College computer and one home computer).

It is important that you fully uninstall any trial versions of this Adobe product that you might have on your machine.

Please visit our 'How to purchase software page' to obtain this software. 

Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe no longer sell CS6 products as they are now selling their Creative Cloud applications. Payment for the Creative Cloud applications is annual and pro-rata. Prices are available on request: contact the Tech Store.

Single app

End User Licence (for one sole user to install on one College computer and one home computer).

Full suite

End User Licence (for one sole user to install on one College computer and one home computer).

It is important that you fully uninstall any trial versions of this Adobe product that you might have on your machine.

Please visit our 'How to purchase software page' to obtain this software. 


Autodesk offers online educational resources to inspire and engage teachers in problem-solving, collaboration and creative thinking.


ChemDoodle a chemical sketcher/drawing application.

ChemDoodle works on all operating systems, is available free of charge to all College members and can be downloaded onto both College-owned and personal computers. You will be required to renew your licence annually in November. 


To download ChemDoodle, follow these steps:

  1. Go to: https://www.chemdoodle.com/download.
  2. Launch the program.
  3. Click the I have a Site Licence button and provide your College email address to request an Activation Code.

The ChemDoodle Activation Code will be emailed to you.

Alternatively, you can request the activation code: Request site code.

ChemDraw Professional

ChemDraw Professional is a powerful desktop modelling program that enables synthetic chemists and biologists to generate 3D models of small molecules and biochemical compounds and to perform a variety of calculations and actions on the models to explore properties and interactions. 

ChemDraw Professional is available for free to all College account holders and can be downloaded onto your College-owned and personal computers. Licence renewals are typically required around July, you will need to update your licence annually. 

There are currently two versions of ChemDraw Professional available, version 16 and 17.  To access the software you must first register with Perkin Elmer online. Once you are registered you can download the version you require from the links below: 

Chest Site Licence (ArcGIS, Exceed, SAS, SPSS)

  • All licences must be purchased via College payment process.
  • Complete a CHEST Licence form.
  • For College owned and personal machines for as long as the user remains at Imperial.
  • Use includes teaching, research, personal educational development, College administration and development work associated with any of the same.
  • Restricted to members of Imperial College London only.

Departmental or Group terms can be obtained by negotiation with the CHEST Site Contact: techstore@imperial.ac.uk

CHEST Prices are available on request: Contact the ICT Tech Store.

  • Quoted prices are set by the Information and Communication Technologies to collect sufficient funding to cover the amounts due annually to CHEST.
  • The finish date given applies to the agreement currently in place and is the date up to which availability of the product is guaranteed.
  • Should an agreement not be renewed, use of the software beyond the finish date would be illegal in all cases.
  • For purposes of CHEST site licences, the site comprises all the Imperial College campuses.
  • The annual fee pays for any upgrades released during the year, but does not pay for media that might be needed to install the software. Media charges are £5 as required.
  • For more detail read the CHEST Code of Conduct (Using IT software licences) for the use of software and datasets. 

Please visit our 'How to purchase software page' to obtain this software. 


ClaroRead can speak on screen text out load and is integrated with Microsoft Word. ClaroRead Plus and Pro can read scanned books and documents back with complete clarity. ClaroRead is available to register on Imperial College London-owned machines only. 

Register for a download.

Corel Licensing Scheme (CorelDraw, Paintshop Pro)

Corel pricelist

Product Price
CorelDraw X8 £83.60
Painter 2016 Please enquire for the latest pricing
Paintshop Pro X8 Please enquire for the latest pricing
VideoStudio Pro X6 Please enquire for the latest pricing

All prices quoted are inclusive of delivery/handling charge and Value Added Tax and are subject to confirmation at the time of purchase.

Please visit our 'How to purchase software page' to obtain this software. 


Cambridge Structural Database System from the Cambridge Crystallographic Data Cetnre is a repository and curated resource for the three-dimensional structural data of molecules.

This licence runs until 31 March 2018 and covers all members of Imperial College London on College-owned machines only. 


EndNote is available to download on Imperial College London-owned machines only. We are legally required to provide a complete record of each download or transfer to the vendor. To download a copy you must register and receive instructions on how to download the software. Downloads can only be made while connected to the Imperial network, not via virtual private network (VPN) or hospital network. 

Register for a download.

Personal copies can be ordered from Bilaney Consultants.


We do not offer GraphPad and related software, but you can purchase it from the manufacturer directly: GraphPad.

Intel compilers

Quotes provided on request: Contact the ICT Tech Store.


The LabVIEW Licence costs £100 per installation per year. Departmental & teaching cluster prices are available on request.

Please visit our 'How to purchase software page' to obtain this software. 

The annual licence for LabVIEW will expire at the end of each July. You will then to renew and pay for it again. The price is the same whether you purchase it one month before July or for the full 12 months. 

Note: This can be purchased by departments for students but can only be installed on Imperial owned machines.


Note: Check whether your department owns a licence or not before you purchase.

For a staff computer

The cost of a Maple licence for a staff computer on the College network is £48.

For a personal computer

The cost of a Maple licence for a personal computer is £20.

Please visit our 'How to purchase software page' to obtain this software. 

Mathematica (Wolfram)

Mathematica is now covered by a College wide licence. Follow the steps below to obtain a Mathematica Licence key.

  1. Create a Wolfram ID
  2. Complete a Wolfram Activation Key Request Form to obtain an activation key.


  • Departments can purchase an annual licence fo installation onto all systems owned by the department. 
  • Staff and students of that department can then install the product on a home computer.
  • Cost of licence based on number of teaching and research staff in the department.
  • Mathtype pricing is available on request: Contact the Tech Store.
  • Contact ICT Service Desk for further information.

Chemical Engineering, Infectious Disease Epidemiology and Civil Engineering have departmental licences. Contact your department for installation.


MATLAB and Simulink campus-wide TAH license includes analysis, design, modelling, simulation, code generation, and testing products for the engineering and science schools, plus computational finance for the business and economic schools. Imperial College is deploying these tools to students, educators, and researchers via a centralised license that increases the administrative efficiency of software management and distribution, and ensures that a common set of tools is readily available for all users.

Through the agreement you will have access to software and associated documentation as well as immediate access to new releases. The TAH license permits the installation of MATLAB and Simulink on campus-managed and user-owned computers.

Download Matlab through the Mathworks Portal.


The Department of Chemistry bought a College-wide permanent site licence for Mestrenova. The licence is available to all members of College including students and can be installed on private machines as well. Both Windows and Mac versions are available.

Microsoft Campus Agreement

The College has an active Microsoft EES (Campus) Agreement. The Agreement covers the following products:

  • Office
  • Windows OS upgrade licences
  • Core CALs
  • RDS CALs
  • RDS Gateway access

Further details

  • For full time members of staff and postgraduate research students.
  • Only installed on College owned or leased systems, on teaching clusters and public access systems.
  • All installations must be registered.
  • Downloads can only be made on the Imperial network not via modem, not via VPN, not via Hospital networks.

Register for a download.

Microsoft Imagine

Imagine is a Microsoft program that provides academics with software design and development tools at no charge. Administrative and professional services staff are not allowed to use this.

Register for a download. College login required.

Imagine software may be installed on any number of departmental lab machines (depending on the licensing and courses the school or department offers). The software must be used for instructional and research purposes only; it may not be used to run the infrastructure of the department. In addition, the department's faculty and students may check out or download the software to install on their personal computers. Please note, that the Imagine Premium subscription is only available to Science, Technology, Engineering and Math departments and students in that department. The Imagine Standard subscription is available to the entire institution and all students attending it.

Microsoft Select

Please visit our 'How to purchase software page' to obtain this software.  For pricing please contact the Tech Store

Purchase of earlier versions of applications software

You obtain and install earlier versions of software. Such purchases must be registered as the latest version. e.g. you can install Project 2010, but the purchase has to be registered as Project 2016.

Software assurance

  • Software Assurance can only be purchased with the licence. Email the Tech Store.

The difference between Project Standard and Project Pro

  • Project Pro includes the Client Access Licence that is needed to access Project Server. If you do not purchase a Project Server licence, we advise you to purchase Project Standard.
  • The download link will be sent to you after you pay for it.

Sharepoint Designer

All academic licences for Windows are upgrade licences. Therefore, a qualifying licence is required. It is not possible to purchase a full copy at academic prices. A commercial copy must be purchased.

Available products include:

  • Project Standard
  • Project Pro
  • Visio Pro
  • Visio Standard
  • Visual Studio Pro
  • Windows Server Std 
  • Windows Server Data Centre
  • Windows Server External Connector

For anything not listed above please contact the Tech Store

Important notes

  • All authenticated access to a server that is running Windows Server requires a Windows Server Client Access Licence (CAL) to be obtained for the client system.
  • The College's Microsoft Campus Agreement provides the necessary CAL for all Imperial College London owned client systems.
  • If a server is being accessed from systems that are not owned by the College, for example a student owned system either on or off Campus, then a CAL must be purchased. 
  • A Windows Server External Connector licence provides unlimited Windows Server CALs for the server that it is licenced on.


MindView is a comprehensive, visual learning tool designed to help you develop and organise ideas. Based on the proven Mind Mapping® theory, it enhances creativity, clarifies thinking and improves memory. Choose from a variety of ready-to-use templates, easy-to-use wizards and professional clipart to improve your layout. Export your completed Mind Map® to Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, HTML or Mediator.

Available to register for on College owned machines only.

Register for a download.


Numerical Algorithms Group (NAG) who provide expertise in numerical engineering, by delivering high-quality computational software (mostly used by FoNS, ICT and Chemical Engineering)is now centrally funded. Students and staff are entitled to use the software listed below on both personal and work machines.

To request a licence for NAG please visit our customised NAG portal.


We do not sell NVIVO, but you can buy it from Timberlake.

Oracle Campus

Imperial College has an Oracle Campus license which allows the use of the Oracle Database Enterprise Edition for research groups. For information on how to access this software please view our Orcale Campus webpage


Origin is available to Faculty of Natural Sciences (FONS) and Department of Materials staff free of charge. If you are eligible, please login to the Tech Store and register to download Origin for home or on site use.  

Members of other faculties can purchase Origin for £50 for a College-owned machine or £20 for a personal machine. 

Please visit our 'How to purchase software page' to obtain this software. 


  • Licence purchased by the Department of Aeronatical Engineering.
  • One-year 500 user Pro/Engineer University Plus site licence.
  • Contact Molly Ip (m.ip@imperial.ac.uk) to purchase a spare licence.
  • Contact the Tech Store to request installation, once payment is made.


Reference Manager

Reference Manager is no longer available as a free resource. This is due to a decline in registrations and training requests and follows an announcement from the supplier stating that Reference Manager will no longer be updated. 

If you are an existing user, we recommend that you migrate to EndNote.


We don't sell Sigmaplot but it is available via Sigmaplot's store.

Silverfrost Fortran 95 - Academic/Commercial Edition

Download Silverfrost Fortran 95 directly from Silverfrost. For academic/commercial use only.

Silverfrost Fortran 95 - Personal Edition

Download Silverfrost Fortran 95 directly from Silverfrost. For personal use only.

This product is not directly supported and you must uninstall it when you leave College.

SPSS Statistics

SPSS Statistics is a software package used for logical batched and non-batched statistical analysis

Register to download


We do not sell STATA but it available via Timberlake


Free licences for VMware are to be used for research and teaching purposes only.

Get VMware

  • Go to the VMware website.
  • Click Sign in.     
  • Select Imperial College London. You will be redirected to the Imperial College authentication page.
  • Enter your College username and password. An email will be sent with a link to the download.

Licence usage terms can be found at on the VMware website.

Products include:

  • VMware vSphere Advanced   
  • VMware Fusion (for Mac)   
  • VMware Workstation (for Windows)    
  • VMware Workstation (for Linux 32 Bit)   
  • VMware Workstation (for Linux 64 Bit)

Please contact the Tech Store  to find out the cost of VMware licences if you will be using it for non research and teaching purposes.