FAQ: Software Shop

How do I buy software?

How and when do I renew a software licence that is due to expire?

Generally your software will continue to work 30 days after your licence has expired and during this period you can request a licence renewal by following the instructions on How to purchase software or register for a newer version (if available) via Register for a download in the Software Store.

How do I buy software not listed in the Software Store area?

I have a new computer. How do I reinstall software that I've bought previously?

Email the Software Shop team from your College email account, stating the software programs or packages that you need to reinstall. Please do not call the team for reinstallation requests.

In what format will I receive the software once I've bought it?

If the software package or program in question can be hosted on our servers, we will deploy it from there. You will receive an email from us with instructions for connecting to and downloading from the servers.

Where can I find the software licence forms?

Licence forms are not necessary for all software requests.

The process of buying discounted or registering for free software varies according to the software program or package in question. You can find out how to get each program by clicking on its name on the following webpages. If a licence form is required, it will be listed in the instructions:

I need help installing software. Who can I contact?

If you need help installing software, contact the ICT Service Desk.

How can I find out which software licences I'm registered for?

You can get a list of the software licences you have registered for previously by contacting the ICT Shop and contact the ICT Service Desk.

Can I purchase software for somebody other than myself?

You can only purchase software on behalf of somebody else if they are mentioned in the licence form, however, the person must still meet the requirements specified in the software information.

Can I have a software licence transferred to another member?

Yes, contact the ICT Shop with the necessary information.

How many machines can I install my software on?

All software licences have specific terms attached to their use. Please contact the ICT Shop regarding the limitations of software packages before purchasing to avoid disappointment.

I can't install my software, can I get an ICT Support Specialist to install it for me?

Yes, contact the ICT Shop at the time of purchase regarding installation by a specialist and we will pass it along to the relevant team once you have purchased the licence.

I've just purchased software and my operating system doesn't support it. What do I do?

You can try and run a VM (Virtual machine) with an operating system that is compatible, however, we cannot assist you with any problems or difficulties you may experience as a result of this.

 Another option is to apply for a refund within seven days: Contact the ICT Tech Store.

Is it true that I only need to pay for software once and I'll be able to annually renew it for free as long as I am a student here?

As long as the software is only installed on your personal machine, this is correct (excluding Matlab).