Access Panopto: students

Your department will advise you on how to access teaching materials created using Panopto, the lecture capture platform used at Imperial College London.
In the majority of cases, links to recordings will be made available to you via Blackboard (our Virtual Learning Environment or VLE) or the VLE used by your department. Recordings will also be available via the Panopto server.

Viewer requirements for Panopto

The web browsers supported by Panopto are:
•    Google Chrome
•    Internet Explorer
•    Safari
•    Firefox

We recommend that you listen to all recordings using earphones and not computer speakers as you will get the best sound quality from earphones.

Access Panopto

Using a web browser

To access Panopto via a web browser, follow these steps:

1.    Go to 
2.    Enter your College username and password
3.    Click Log In

Using the Panopto mobile app

To access Panopto via the app on your mobile device, follow these steps:

1.    Open the Panopto app.
2.    Tap Menu options.
3.    Tap Sign In.