There are various stages to recording a lecture with Panopto, from formatting your PowerPoint presentation correctly to recording a live webcast. 

First steps

Set up audio visual equipment

If the lecture theatre is on the list above, Panopto has already been installed and set up with AV equipment.

Wireless microphones are located either near the lectern or are available from your departmental office. You must use a microphone to pick up your voice for the recording and for the speakers in the room.

Loop the microphone lanyards around your neck, with the microphone facing your mouth to pick up your voice. If the light on the microphone is flashing red (muted), press the button on the microphone once and it will un-mute it and will flash green.


Recording will either be controlled by you or will have been scheduled remotely already. The type of recording depends on the department of the room in which you are presenting, for example, most of the Imperial Business School's sessions are recorded using the Remote recorder (a scheduled recording that does not need to be started by the lecturer). Read Schedule a Panopto recording using the Remote recorder.

If your recording has not been scheduled, you will need to login to Panopto and start the recording yourself.

Next steps