The Batch Process tool enables the creation of multiple instances of folders and scheduled recordings, and for multiple changes in permissions and RSS settings in Panopto via a .csv upload.

Requests for Batch Processes should only be sent via the ASK Service Now form (search for Panopto Batch Process on ASK) and must follow the format in the templates supplied below. Access to the form is restricted to Videographers.

Available Batch processes and link to templates:

Each option allows you to create or change 10 or more items in Panopto. Ensure that you delete the example rows and the column headings before submitting the .csv. A receipt will be provided once the batch has been processed.

Please be aware it is your responsibility to fill out the information accurately and that submitted .csv files will not be validated, checked or amended by ICT.

Staff members that require access to the Batch Process ASK form should liaise with their Faculty Learning Technologist.