Panopto content folder

When you request access to Panopto you will be asked if you want a content folder. The content folder is the place on the Panopto server where all of your recordings will be stored. Usually, each folder represents a course in Blackboard but we are flexible with this. If you need a folder with a different naming structure, let us know when you request access.

Folder name

Below you will see the structure that we have set in Panopto, with the correct naming format.  Where possible we have followed the same format as used in Blackboard. 

Note: When you login to the Panopto server you may not see your faculty or department folder, as it is likely that only the main administrators for your department will see this. In most circumstances you will only see your course folders.

Structure and naming convention

  • Faculty Name – Parent folder 
  • Department Name 
  • Academic Year (20xx-20xx) 
  • Course Code/AY
  • Faculty Name/'Staff'
  • Faculty Name/'Events'

Structure example:

  • Engineering 
  • Bioengineering 
  • 2014-2015 
  • BE1-HEE1 2014-15
  • Engineering Staff
  • Engineering Events

If you require a content folder for something other than a course and so, need a different naming structure, contact us via the Request access to Panopto (staff only) form.

Managing folders

Renaming a folder

Panopto content folders can be renamed by going to the folder and then to the Settings area.

Making a subfolder

You can make a subfolder by right-clicking on the folder and selecting Add folder.

Add Folder

If you do make a new subfolder, use the course name if possible.