You can turn on or wake up your staff computer from a shut down or sleep state, from anywhere, at any time when using Remote Desktop Gateway (RDG) to access the network remotely. You can wake up a College Windows or Linux machine, but not a Mac.

Before you can use Remote Desktop Gateway (RDG) you must set up your staff computer to accept it.


  • Your staff computer must be a Windows or Linux machine, not a Mac.
  • You need Administrator rights on your staff computer to be able to do this. If you don't have Administrator rights, contact the ICT Service Desk to get set up.


1. Set up your computer for wake up

Instructions for waking a College PC

2. Wake your computer up

You can wake your PC up anywhere, anytime by going to: Wake My PC

After clicking on the link, wait while your computer wakes up. This process can take up to five minutes.

3. Go to Remotely connect to your College computer 

Pick the correct instructions for the operating system of your personal machine.

4. Finish the session

Once you have finished your session, you can select the Sleep icon again to put your PC back to sleep (press the Alt and F4 buttons on your keyboard to select how you want to turn off your PC).

Need help?

Browse the FAQ below or contact the ICT Service Desk if you experience any problems.