The following is a list of the known issues with the Office 365 email migration.

Multiple mailbox and calendar access issues

We are aware of issues with users connecting to multiple mailboxes for management and work duties. The issues include:

  • a very slow response when opening up calendars or mailboxes with multiple users;
  • Outlook not responding for a period of time (from a few seconds to minutes);
  • appointments not being reflected correctly in calendars. 

We are working with a small group of affected staff members to identify the root causes of these issues and to provide a solution. As soon as a solution is identified we will update our support teams so that they can help all of those affected. We will also publish user guides in the Email section of our website.

External calendar invitations/Appointments not sent to delegates

We are aware that those who have delegated the management of their calendar to another member of staff do not see calendar invitations from external parties, although the person managing the calendar does. This could potentially lead to a double booking or missed meeting.

We have implemented a workaround to resolve this issue but continue to work to find a permanent solution. If you are still experiencing problems with this, report a fault.

Mailing/distribution lists

Following migration to Office 365, you will not be able to use the Outlook Address Book to edit a mailing/distribution list. 

However, we have set up a temporary solution. For more information, visit Creating and managing a mailing list.

Public folders

Post-migration, public folder access will only be available to you if you use Microsoft Outlook on a Windows machine. If you do not normally use a Windows machine, you will need to gain access to one to use this function.

We understand that this is inconvenient and are working hard to find a long-term solution. If you have any concerns, contact the ICT Service Desk.

Post-migration performance issues

Some users have reported performance issues when using Outlook immediately after we migrated their accounts. These issues might affect you if you use the desktop version of Microsoft Outlook (i.e. the software on your computer), not the web version accessible via the Imperial Office 365 portal.

Common symptoms of performance slowdown include:

  • time delay when completing transactions (e.g. moving between folders, opening folders);
  • emails missing from the Inbox (i.e. the inbox is either completely empty or only partially updated);
  • an error message advising that the connection to the server has failed;
  • a looping login window.

Following investigation, we discovered that these performance issues are usually related to the state of the machine itself (desktop or laptop), which are highlighted as a result of the mailbox migration project. 

In most cases, we can restore the performance to pre-migration standard. Contact the ICT Service Desk if you need help with this issue.

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