Windows 10 is the latest, most secure version of Windows to be released and succeeds Windows 7, which is now 9 years old and not available with new computer purchases.

Windows 10 provides seamless integration with Microsoft services like those offered through Office 365, including OneDrive for Business which offers a secure cloud based storage solution to staff and students. Windows 10 also has better integration with other aspects of the Microsoft Office suite including Word, PowerPoint and Excel.

What do I need to know?

ICT will be updating the majority of publicly accessible cluster computers across the College and other student facing computers to Windows 10 ready for the 2018-19 academic year. This will also include computers in lecture theatres.

After the upgrade you will notice that ‘applications’ won’t appear in the start menu like they have previously. Instead they will be presented in the Software Hub (Apps Anywhere) website which will open when students’ login to a College device. This interface will be the same wherever they go and will appear on their own computer too, giving them a consistent way to launch applications. As well as applications not necessarily appearing on the Start Menu, launching an application from a saved file will also change. Instead of double clicking on a saved file to open SolidWorks for example, users will instead need to find the application in Software Hub, launch the application and open the file from there.

Computers connected to specialist equipment

Some computers that run Windows 7 (or earlier) are connected to specialist equipment that would be costly / difficult to upgrade to work with Windows 10. These areas may be excluded from this year’s build unless you specifically request an upgrade (please speak to your local ICT representative or e-mail

Staff computers

Windows 10 is preinstalled on all new staff computer purchases which are set up with the College build. Unfortunately Windows 10 is not yet available to all staff and not compatible with some older computers.

Programs and applications that work with Windows 10

Programs and applications that work with Windows 10

Software Hub (Apps Anywhere)

ICT will be making greater use of the Software Hub this year to deliver applications to Cluster Machines. This gives Students greater access to the software they need from wherever they are (license permitting). Additionally, it gives College greater flexibility in how its spaces can be used as for the most part, the software with Software Hub can be run anywhere.

Why use the Software Hub

  1. First and most importantly, it gives our students access to software (license permitting) on their own devices meaning they can be more flexible in how they study. This is particularly useful when College computing resources are unavailable.

  2. The Software Hub brings with it an “App Store” style self-service website for most applications required on Cluster machines. The website allows students to easily search for applications they need to use and launch them on-demand. This would replace icons on the start menu which can be harder to find. Students should be familiar with the “App Store” concept.

  3. Using the Software Hub to deliver software also allows College and ICT to be more agile and responsive in how IT services are provisioned across College. ICT will be able to target applications to any device (subject to licensing and device capability), making the precious space we have on campus more adaptable.

  4. Finally, the Software Hub allows ICT to be more responsive to security threats that are discovered in applications by enabling a patch once strategy

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