Over the last 3 months ICT have repaced the majority of touch card multifunction printers across the College. Printing technologies evolve and at Imperial we want to ensure that we provide you with the best devices that deliver environmentally friendly and innovative solutions for all your printing needs.

In addition, student print allowances have changed. Now all undergraduate students will be given a minimum of £25 worth of printing each academic year. For postgraduate students the printing allowance will continue to vary across departments.

The new printers will function the same way as the current ones, where you use your College ID card to login and use the touch screen control panel to print, copy or email documents. 

Read our FAQs for more information about the new Print Managed Service and what will be changing:

Multifunction printers FAQs

Why are you changing the printers?

The printers are changing as the existing Managed Print Service Contract (with DTP) is due to expire and a new contract has been signed with HP. The existing fleet will be replaced with modern and more reliable HP printers. 

How many printers will be replaced?

Approximately, 330 printers will be replaced.

What are the printing costs for the new printers?

The printing costs will remain the same for the HP laser printer, however, the new inkjet printer will be cheaper. Printing costs will be as follows: (Please note the new printing costs will come into play from January 2019 once all the new printers have been installed across the College).

Paper size

Paper type




1 sheet mono single-sided



1 sheet mono double-sided



1 sheet colour single-sided



1 sheet colour double-sided




1 sheet mono single-sided



1 sheet mono double-sided



1 sheet colour single-sided



1 sheet colour double-sided



What will happen to my personal desktop printer?

Personal desktop printers are not part of the new service transition and will not be impacted. 

What type of printers will be available?

Printers will be replaced with an equivalent HP printer. There are two type of printers, HP ink based PageWide and HP LaserJet. The inkjet printer is recommended for everyday print use and is cheaper than the laser printer. The laser printer produces a higher quality print and is recommended when you are after a more professional finish.

All printers will be able to print in both mono (black and white) and colour. The printer interface and touch card access will be exactly the same as your current multifunction printers.

Faxing is no longer supported via the manage print service. If you still require a fax, please contact the ICT Service Desk.

Will someone be loading paper into the printers?

As part of the new managed print service paper will be loaded at high usage locations like libraries by HP onsite support. For all other locations the current service arrangement remains. 

Who will manage the printer toners and consumables?

As part of the new managed print service, HP onsite support will be managing all the printer consumables including toners. 

New pricing policy for students

In October 2018 undergraduate students were given an annual minimum print allowance of £25. This print allowance will renew at the start of each academic year. 

Postgraduate print allowance will continue to vary across departments. Please contact your department directly who can inform you of your printing allowance. For further information please read our popular FAQs. 

Student print allowance FAQs

Do all students get the same print allowance?

Print allowances are funded by departments. As a standard all departments must allocate a minimum of £25 annual print allowance to undergraduate students. Some students may receive a higher print allowance. Please contact your department to confirm your print allowance. 

Postgraduate student print allowance varies according to departments. 

When does the print allowance renew?

Student print allowance will renew at the beginning of each new academic year (usually the end of September or beginning of October).

How do I top up my printing credit?

Additional print allowance may be topped up by your nominated department or via online payment system ePay

What happens to left over print allowance?

Your print allowance will automatically renew at the beginning of each new academic year and is non-transferable. Leftover print allowance can not be refunded in exchange for cash. 

What if I paid for additional print allowance before October 2018?

If you paid for additional print allowance on your account before the new student print allowance policy launched in October 2018, then any paid for print allowance will be transferred to your new account. 

Do I need an allowance just to scan a document?

As part of the new Print Service scanning will be free and a print allowance will not be required.

Can I use my print allowance at any Imperial College campus?

Yes, the printing allowance will be available to use on any of the 330 managed printers across Imperial College London

How can we reduce paper usage and be more environmentally aware?

All new printers have a scanning option, therefore staff and students can scan a document which will send a digital copy to their imperial email account.

There is also the option to 'print documents' to MS OneDrive directly from the printer user console. This will send work to your OneDrive account.