Our Research

Professor Steve Schwartz, Chair in Space Physics from our Department of Physics, is Director of the Imperial SpaceLab.

The research within our network aims to cover upstream (broadly space technology providers) and downstream (broadly space technology users) sectors. Research activity occurs across the Faculties of Engineering, Natural Sciences and Medicine and Imperial’s Business School and ranges from planetary science to navigation and positioning solutions as indicated in our capability map. Imperial’s research strengths lie in the breadth of our activity and our expertise in combining research in physical sciences with engineering and medicine.

Aims of the Imperial Space Lab

Specific aims of the Imperial SpaceLab include:

  • Facilitating multidisciplinary research by encouraging collaboration and application of technologies and providing a structure for development of collaborative research proposals;
  • Providing a community and forum for events, via a website and seminars to exchange information, including funding applications and sharing of best practice;
  • Increasing and diversifying our research funding in this area;
  • Investigating opportunities for training;
  • Facilitating engagement with government and industry to promote translation;
  • Encouraging collaboration with other HEIs and sponsored institutes;
  • Raising awareness of our research activity to external stakeholders and supporting delivery of our funders strategies;
  • Advising on how to implement Imperial’s strategy in this area, including supporting targeted recruitment and consideration of facilities. 

Capability map